Male Extra Scam – Proceeding with Caution

by Nick Swanson

Scams have been around for all of recorded history, and promises of increased sexual stamina and larger penis sizes have been a part of them for almost as long. There are plenty of claims being made in spam boxes and websites around the internet, and one that is gaining in notoriety is the Male Extra scam. Most people review the information about this supplement and toss it into the trash bin as another scam built on false promises, and many people who actually try it swear that the Male Extra scam is just that – a scam. But others continue to claim that the Male Extra scam is actually not a scam at all, and holds real benefits.

Male Extra ScamSo what’s the truth about the Male Extra scam? First, it’s worth looking at the claims the product makes. Unlike other scams, it doesn’t really claim to do much beyond just improving the strength, size, and duration of your erection. The Male Extra scam may get its status due to its promises of enlarging your penis by inches, something that no supplement can legitimately do. But a closer look reveals that it isn’t actually the supplement that helps boost penis size, but rather the exercises you must do along with taking it. Perhaps that’s why it’s known as the Male Extra scam?

As for the size increase involved in the Male Extra scam, there is some evidence that performing regular ‘jelqing’ exercises with almost religious consistency can indeed add length to the penis. While it’s rare that it ever reaches the three inches promised in the Male Extra scam, it can indeed work and has been practiced for centuries. Even a penis extender or penis pump has been shown to improve length in certain men. So, with work, this aspect of the Male Extra scam may actually be true.

The Male Extra scam claim of improving erection strength and size may, surprisingly, not be a scam either. Although research is still inconclusive about supplements like these, some evidence does show that the ingredients in the supplement can improve blood flow to the penis which does, in fact, increase the size and strength of erections. While the Male Extra scam is entirely subjective and the results of the supplements will vary, there is obviously enough evidence to suggest that for some people, especially those who stick with the exercises involved, the Male Extra scam may not actually be a scam at all.