Male Impotence Symptoms – Are You Suffering from Impotency?

by Nick Swanson

Male Impotence Symptoms

Impotency is a problem with many men. It can sometimes go unnoticed and with very little symptoms. However, if you are having problems with your libido, and maintaining, or making an erection, you may be suffering from impotency. Male impotence symptoms can range from the obvious, to the very least obvious.

It is up to you to remain knowledgeable about how your body acts. You may also want to ask your partner if they are noticing any problems in your sexual performance with them. Sometimes, asking for an outside opinion can give you insight to what you see.

The overall primary cause of male impotence symptoms is lack of blood flow to the penis. The penis is made up of small holes within the tissue that surrounds it. These holes become filled with blood and cause it to harden thus generating an erection.

The problems lie in impotency when there is lack of blood to the penis. One primarily cause can be cardiovascular diseases. These are heart attacks, high blood pressure, and stroke. Situations like this prevent blood from flowing to the penis and make it harder for you to make or maintain an erection.

Do you suffer from substance abuse? Male Impotence Symptoms can be attributed to something such as this. Illegal substances have a way of disrupting the brain and cause receptors not to respond properly.

This, in turn, can cause delays when trying to get your libido going. It is also linked to the serotonin receptors that depression can disrupt. If these receptors are blocked, the body will have problems trying to reciprocate sexual stimulation. Seek out help from your doctor for these types of problems. Illicit substances and serious depression will need professional help. Usually therapy and medicine will be needed to overcome these types of circumstances.

Other male impotence symptoms can be attributed to mental thinking. Sometimes if you are afraid of developing ED , you may begin thinking on it too hard and start to believe it. Some experts believe that men have a tendency to put the idea in their head when a friend or relative is suffering the same. They begin to look for the littlest sign or symptom and scare themselves into having it.

The point is to remain calm whenever engaging with your partner sexually. If you have not had any problems with erections in the past, chances are you are still functioning just fine. Remember to look at it from the outside and keep a diary of your symptoms.