Male Menopause Age – How Young is too Young for Male Menopause?

Many men don’t realize that they also go through a form of menopause, a condition which has generally been attributed to women. As with women, there is also no specific menopause age in men, because each man is different – although most men go through male menopause at a similar time. If you’re a man who’s concerned about the way you’ve been feeling and you’re wondering if you’re reaching the Male Menopause Age, there’s no reason to avoid getting checked out by your doctor. That can give you peace of mind, and help you determine if you’re at experiencing male menopause or if something else may be the problem.

Male Menopause Age

The beginnings of hormone changes that come with menopause can appear as early as your thirties, but some people don’t notice anything until their late forties or early fifties. That’s true with both men and women, as they all experience hormone fluctuations as they age. Some men are also more sensitive to the changes that occur when hormones fluctuate. They may be more likely to notice these fluctuations, where a brother, friend, or colleague may not be aware of their own hormonal issues. As you approach male menopause age, education and understanding is valuable. The more you know, the better you can handle the changes that you’ll experience.

It’s important to understand that other conditions can cause symptoms that are similar to male menopause. If you’re close to male menopause age but you haven’t seen your doctor in a while, it’s a good idea to have a checkup. Tell your doctor about all of your symptoms, so you can rule out anything that might be more significant. Once you have a clean bill of health, you can avoid any unnecessary worry about your symptoms. You’ll just need to accept that you’re at male menopause age, and there are treatments available to help you feel better.

Many men experience a drop in testosterone as they approach male menopause age. That’s a natural part of aging, but it can affect how you feel and your stamina and energy levels. If that’s bothersome to you, there are options you can discuss with your doctor for treatment of menopause. Some men take a testosterone supplement for months or years, and others decide to go through their life change naturally, without medical intervention. You should weigh all your options and choose the one that’s best for you and your transition through male menopause.