Male Menopause Hot Flashes – Andropause and Hormone Fluctuations Can Cause Discomfort

by Nick Swanson

As a part of male menopause, hot flashes can be very annoying. They can also make you feel uncomfortable, and leave you wondering if something is seriously wrong. Most men don’t realize that hot flashes can be very common in men as they age. Men go through a type of menopause that is similar to what women experience, although usually not as prolonged or difficult. Just like some women who sail through their menopausal years with almost no symptoms are thought to be the exception to the rule, some men will have stronger symptoms of male menopause. Hot flashes are one of the more common complaints for these men.

Male Menopause Hot Flashes

In men who are experiencing Male Menopause Hot Flashes are caused by the fluctuation of low testosterone and other hormones. This occurs with age, and is generally not anything to worry about. If you’re concerned, it’s a good idea to see your doctor just to rule out anything else that might be causing a problem. For most men with hot flashes, male menopause is the culprit and the only concern. The good news is that there are treatments available for male menopause, and hot flashes don’t have to make you uncomfortable during the day or keep you up at night.

Hot flashes can be mild or very intense – or anywhere in between – and they can be infrequent occurrences or they can happen many times in the course of a day. Sometimes in male menopause, hot flashes will disappear just as quickly as they appeared. Other times, they will last for weeks or months, only to vanish and return at a later date. While they aren’t dangerous, they can certainly be uncomfortable. They can also make a man feel poorly, and if they happen frequently they can make him feel drained and tired, as well.

Along with other symptoms of male menopause, hot flashes can cause irritability, anxiety, and depression. You never really know when a hot flash is going to hit, and that can make you nervous, jumpy, and concerned. That’s especially true if you work with the public, since you won’t want them to see you sweating and feeling poorly. Frequent hot flashes can be hard to hide, and if you try to disguise them from your family it can leave your wife and children wondering if something is wrong – or if they’ve done something to upset you.