Male Menopause Treatment

by Nick Swanson

Male menopause can be a very uncomfortable time period for a man. There are symptoms that are caused by the drop in testosterone levels that can be hard to live with. There are many options with male menopause treatment available. Male menopause has been referred to as andropause. Hormone replacement therapy is a common treatment option for those seeing a large drop in the testosterone levels. Medicine can be prescribed for those who have high blood pressure and this is affecting their erectile dysfunction due to menopause. Certain dietary changes or supplements can be recommended as well as an exercise plan. Plenty of sleep and stress reduction is important as well.

Male Menopause Treatment

Testosterone replacement therapy has been successful as a male menopause treatment. This replaces the hormone that has been reduced due to the normal aging process. There are many ways that this therapy is used. It can come in the form of a cream or gel that is applied directly to the body. This hormone can also be administered by injection directly into the body. Testosterone can also be delivered via patch that affixes to the skin, and is time released. This type of therapy is also available in a pill form.

Diet changes can be recommended as a part of male menopause treatment. Certain herbs, vitamins and amino acids are said to have benefits on dropping testosterone levels. These include vitamins E and C as well as Zinc. There are other dietary supplements that can be added to increase the sexual drive of a male who is experiencing male menopause. L-Arginine and Ginkgo Biloba are two powerful supplements that help to raise the libido. These are great ways to complement traditional therapies with dietary therapies. Treating the source of the menopause can be a great plan of attack, and generally enhances the existing plans that are used to reduce the symptoms.

It is always important to include exercise and the proper amount of sleep in any male menopause treatment plan. Stress can add to the decrease in testosterone experienced, so it is important to embark on a stress management campaign. Receiving the proper amount of sleep each night, which is about eight hours, will help to ward off the stress that can accumulate in one’s life. Engaging in regular exercise is another great way to keep the stress levels at bay. Alternating between cardiovascular exercises and weight or strength training is optimum.