Male Menopause v/s Female Menopause

by graham

When it comes to menopause male bodies are not all that different than female bodies. Well, sure they are, but there are definite similarities as well. For example, both males and females undergo a transformation during the aging process that involves the decreased production of certain sex specific hormones. For females this involves estrogen production, and for males it involves testosterone production. That is where similarities end. Women produce less and less estrogen until estrogen production eventually ceases completely. Males, while showing a marked decrease, actually continue to produce testosterone on some level indefinitely. Some men have even been known to father children well into their 80s.

Male Menopause v/s Female Menopause

Women also have a definite age range at which to expect certain symptoms related to the loss of estrogen that they know is coming. While men know that testosterone will decrease, it is not uncommon for there to be no symptoms at all. In relation to menopause male bodies are not as consistent as women. While women basically know what types of symptoms they will suffer from, at about what age it will begin, and to about what degree with some variation, men know no such thing. They may never see any ill effects from this, or they may begin to suffer but not realize what the problem is because it is not all that common for men to have issues related to this.

This lack of certainty is what has made the idea of menopause in males somewhat of an issue in the medical fields. With the issue of menopause males are difficult to diagnose because it is such an unknown. Symptoms mimic those of other conditions that are much more likely to be the cause, and therefore if menopause is considered, it is often the last resort. Male Menopause Diagnosis is simple once the decision has been made to test for it as it only takes a simple blood test.

Finally, while women can use hormone replacement therapy if they wish and gain some relief from symptoms, men can do the same thing with much better results. This is probably because during menopause male organs never completely cease making testosterone. Since they are still producing it on some level, their bodies may be better able to work with the supplementation. This is a good thing, because a lot of the chronic conditions that menopause can cause in men can even be eliminated in some cases with treatment of the low testosterone.