Male Orgasmic Disorder

by Nick Swanson

Male Orgasmic Disorder
Problems such as male orgasm dysfunction or mens impotence are commonly attributed to factors that include “low T” (low testosterone), a natural libido decrease with age, or other more serious conditions such as onset diabetes that prevent adequate blood flow to the penis, and therefore results in erectile dysfunction. If you believe you are experiencing symptoms of such a sexual disorder, it’s important to contact your urologist or another type of doctor so they may perform a few standard tests to check for diseases such as diabetes, or even congenital heart failure—both of which could have erectile dysfunction as a precursor. Many men do not realize the importance of consulting a doctor about sexual disorders. Treating erectile dysfunction could be the difference between life and death.

Sometimes the hardest part of treating male dysfunction or male orgasm dysfunction is the embarrassment factor that accompanies visiting the doctor. Some recommend that if you feel uncertain about disclosing a need for male erectile dysfunction treatment to the entire medical staff, then tell the receptionist at the medical office that you need an appointment for a “men’s health” related issue. Usually, the doctor will understand what this means. In truth, the vast majority of men experience some type of sexual dysfunction in their lives, and mens impotence related issues are almost unavoidable with the onset of age. Virtually all men experience erectile problems or lowered libido after entering their senior years.

The doctor will typically rule out other, more serious diseases first such as diabetes and heart failure. The doctor may also conduct tests that include an exam of the penis, and / or a prostate exam. You will be typically asked a number of questions before male erectile dysfunction treatment is prescribed, such as whether or not you can achieve orgasm by yourself during masturbation. Sometimes if a patient’s libido remains the same, but male orgasm dysfunction only occurs with a specific partner, the problem could be psychological, and an appointment with a sex therapist is recommended.

One of the most common male erectile dysfunction treatment choices that are prescribed is a blood flow enhancer, like Viagra. Common mens impotence related issues are treated through these types of drugs that are known to vastly improve the sex lives of the prescribers. There are also mens enhancer products which are natural—some recommend taking products with Ginkgo Biloba, L Arginine and Yohimbe extract to create a natural Viagra like effect, but these supplements are often not FDA approved and consumers should practice discretion.