Male Penile Fractures and Other Injuries – Look At The Bigger Picture

by Nick Swanson

There are times when male penile pictures are very handy to look at. Reviewing injured penis pictures can help you discover if you have a problem with your member. Most men are interested to see this because they can decide whether to visit their doctor regarding their condition. For instance, they may be suffering from a bruised penis, and not know what a bruise is and what a lump is. There are ways to know when you may be having penile problems. The examples below are just a few.

Male Penile Fractures and Other Injuries

A fractured penis. This is a condition that requires immediate medical attention. Sometimes surgery is needed in order to fix this. If you review male penile pictures of penis fractures, you can see how it looks awkward. The penis is injured, sometimes, by intercourse. This can happen by having your partner on top of you during sex. Usually the pelvis in the female has a tendency to bend the penis if they are not careful. It can also happen if she slips while atop of you and causes a snap. This needs to be seen right away as it can cause damage to your urethra.

If you see male penile pictures that are swollen and oozing pus, you may be looking at an infection. Some infections are brought on by STD’s, and can become very dangerous. Herpes virus has a tendency to cause sores on the penis. If they aren’t treated properly, they will turn into large fissures that can cause other penile problems. If you do suffer from an STD like herpes, it is a good idea to see your doctor regarding it. He or she can give you medications that can control out breaks so you can enjoy sex again.

Other Male Penile Pictures may portray penises with a slight bend. This is nothing to be too concerned about. Men’s penises come in various sizes and shapes. It’s all right to have a slight curve to the right or left. But, if there is a significant bend in your penis, you may have what is called Peyronie’s syndrome. This condition is developed by scar tissue preventing the penis from becoming straight. The pressure from the erection presses against the developed scar tissue. It doesn’t allow the penis to point forward, and causes it to move off to one side. Sometimes this can be treated with a simple supplement. However, it is important to visit your doctor regarding this condition.