Male Penile Size Chart – Measuring your Size

by Nick Swanson

Do you know the size of your penis? There really is not a specific chart made for men to faithfully go by. But, there are some ideas of a male penile size chart. These charts measure the various sizes that are often seen in most men. It can help you determine where your size ranks among the majority of me. And, you can see just how the sizes increase even by so much as half an inch. Below is a very basic outline of a penis chart.

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To begin, remember that your size is important to only you. No other men have to know what size you are and some only worry about their own size. It is important to also remember that your size is generally made to fit you. Now, most men following a male penile size chart will find that the average size for most men is roughly 6.16 inches. Typically, according to the chart, any size between 6 inches and 6.5 inches is average. You may expect a slight change if you begin using penile exercises. This can increase your length by an inch if done properly.

Below average on a Male Penile Size Chart ranks from 4.0 inches and up to 5.5. A penis that measures 4 inches is considered very small. While it may be considered that, again, remember that your penis size is generally based on your point of view. If the size fits your overall stature and size, then you may be comfortable with that size. You can help increase a smaller size with penile implants. However, these are typically used for medical purposes as oppose to cosmetic purposes. There are other options like penis pumps, but you must use these with caution and care.

Above average size on a male penile size chart is 7 inches and up to 9 inches. Achieving this length of size can happen if you are already at an average size. If you are at a 6.5, you can increase yourself to a large, or above average, with penile exercises. This includes lifting, by using a towel, or by using penis pumps. Some men claim that taking male supplements help increase penis sizes by several inches. While a big size can be impressive, most women are usually satisfied with an average size. Anything larger than nine inches can be considered abnormal and there may be medical complications behind someone who has a penis measuring a foot.