Male Penis Enlargement – Enhancing Your Relationship in the Bedroom

by Nick Swanson

There are many different types of male penis enlargement methods that are used. Sometimes there are temporary enlargements as well as permanent operations that provide a larger penis. These effective types of penis enlargements include vacuum devices, pills and surgical enhancements. Each type of enlargement has pros and cons associated with it. There are risks associated with each type as well. It is important to discuss the different options with a trained physician before deciding on the right option. The right option can provide an increase in sexual performance that has been lost due to issues such as erectile dysfunction and other symptoms of male menopause.

Male Penis Enlargement

Vacuum devices can be compact machines that hook up to the penis. This type of penis enlargement allows the compact vacuum machine to be attached to the penis and pumped up causing an immediate erection. The pump is set over the penis and the air is sucked out, which creates a vacuum pressure that pumps blood directly to the penis prompting an erection. A ring is set over the penis which is what prevents to blood moving away. Sometimes penis exercises can be performed to increase the effectiveness of the vacuum.

There are varieties of pills that can cause temporary male penis enlargement or erection of the penis. These pills are prescribed by a licensed physician. They are used primarily to combat erectile dysfunction. Many men have problems attaining or maintaining an erection, and benefit greatly with the use of these types of pills. They are able to regain sexual function and reduce performance anxiety that results in impotence. Certain pills come with a list of side effects that should be reviewed with a doctor before taking. If there are other health conditions that are present, the pill should be taken with caution.

Surgical procedures can provide a permanent option for a male penis enlargement. These procedures can range in the size of penis that is attained, but the typical enlargement is just over one inch larger in size. The enlargement can look as natural as the skills of the surgeon can attain. These procedures can be quite costly, and there are risks of post-operative infection. Sometimes a urologist can perform this surgical procedure if there are medical reasons that make it necessary, otherwise a plastic surgeon will provide the enlargement. The width of the penis can be enhanced by adding fat cells just beneath the skin.