Male Penis Exercises – Some Easy but Effective Penis Exercises

An activity that can help enhance a man’s enjoyment of sex and help to prevent erectile dysfunction is to do male penis exercises. The penis is a series of muscles that can be conditioned to work more effectively by using subtle but effective male penis exercises. Men who do male penis exercises every day will learn better control, develop more stamina and will maintain the blood circulation that is essential to prevent impotence and male erectile dysfunction. As with any exercise program, the man should start out slowly with these exercises until he develops a level of confidence and proficiency that allows him to increase exercise activity.

Male Penis Exercises

Most effective male penis exercises are all about conditioning and control without the need for hand manipulation. The muscles that will be worked are at the base of the penis and in the groin area. Many of these male penis exercises require concentration and focus to be done properly. The first of these male penis exercises that a man should try is to stand straight up, take a deep breath, clench the muscles at the base of his penis for a count of ten and then release the muscles while exhaling. These exercises should be done in sets of five or ten before taking a break.

As a change of pace for the clenching male penis exercises, the man can use a count of five rather than a count of ten. The rapid clenching and release will help to strengthen the muscles and give the man greater control, but male penis exercises should be done very carefully. Rapid clenching and release of the penis muscles should only be done after a series of the ten second exercises have been done first. This will help to reduce any muscle spasms or cramps that could occur when doing these kinds of intense male penis exercises.

The final sets of male penis exercises to do during a typical session are the most difficult exercises for men to do. These male penis exercises involve a great deal of concentration and control. The man should stand up, take a deep breath, exhale and then clench the base of his penis for a count of 30. These male penis exercises can be painful at first and do require practice to get right. But once they are perfected, the man will see a definite difference in his muscle control and virility during sexual activity.