Male Penis Pills – What Can they Really Do?

by Nick Swanson

There’s a lot of misconception, expectation, and confusion concerning male penis pills, and it’s really no wonder. So many of the available male penis pills make exaggerated claims to draw in unwitting men, and the almost total lack of scientific research concerning male penis pills makes it very difficult to uncover just what these supplements can actually do and how frequently they manage to do it. It’s hard to find information on the risks and rewards of Male Penis Pills as well, and many men who decide to purchase them do so without really understanding just what the basic facts concerning them are.

Male Penis Pills

First of all, you should throw out any misconceptions you might have about male penis pills adding multiple inches to your size. It just isn’t going to happen, no matter how many promises the manufacturers make. What male penis pills can do, however, is to improve the size and strength of your erections. Since most men only really care about the size of their penis when it’s erect, they’re often more than satisfied with the slight gains in erection size that male penis pills can provide. So long as you don’t mind the flaccid size of your penis remaining unchanged, male Penis Pills may be able to help you.

Male penis pills boost erection size by increasing nitric oxide levels, which in turn relax muscles, which in turn improves blood flow. This allows more blood to enter the penis during an erection and increases its overall size while hard. Most male penis pills include L-Arginine, an amino acid naturally produced by the body which accomplishes this goal. Other supplements included often involve natural herbs that promote circulatory health or that even act as aphrodisiacs. The exact formula for male penis pills will vary, but these are the basics behind them.

Some male penis pills may also increase sperm count with natural supplements. It’s important that you realize that few studies have been done on male Penis Pills and those that have usually offer conflicting findings. As a result, most men rely on testimonials from others to choose their male penis pills. Each supplement will affect each person differently, so it’s worth understanding that a pill that works for your friend could have no effect at all on you. Also remember that allergies or interactions with prescription medications could exist with certain pills, so discussing them with your physician is a good idea.