Male Penis Problems – Various Infections and Common Diseases

by Nick Swanson

Male Penis Problems
There are many types of male penis problems that exist. Luckily, there are treatment options available to fix the majority of them. Problems with your penis can range from STD’s, yeast infections, and to conditions like ED or premature ejaculation. Not all of them are painful, but they can be embarrassing to discuss.

Some men who develop erectile dysfunction never speak of it and just live with it. Premature Ejaculation can cause some men to abstain from sex because of the fear of being judged by their partners. Below are just a few examples of various penis problems.

Having a slight curve in your penis is no cause for concern. But, a severe curve can be a sign of male penis problems. This condition is known as Peyronie’s disease. Scar tissue has developed in under the chambers where the blood flows to grow the penis.

As the penis fills with blood, the pressure is put on the scar tissue build up and forces the penis to curve left or right. Sometimes a simple erection can cause immense pain. Treatment for this can be surgery or medications to reduce the amount of scar tissue inside the chambers.

Premature ejaculation is male penis problems often seen in younger men. This is because they are still new to the sexual experience. PE can be overcome with conditioning. This is by training your penis how to delay ejaculation. Usually, some young men handle it by utilizing the stop and go method.

This calls for masturbating to the point of ejaculation. Stop a few seconds before reaching it and relax. Take a short break and breathe to forget the feeling. Then start again and repeat. This is a good method that can be done in private and at your convenience.

Male Penis Problems like erectile dysfunction are a little more serious to deal with. It still can be hard to talk about, but confiding in your doctor will help you find a cure. ED has a tendency to show up when there are other underlying problems.

For instance, the reason ED becomes apparent is when blood does not flow to your penis properly. This can be due to excessive weight, cardiovascular diseases, and depression. The most common of these happens to be cardiovascular disease. Your blood isn’t flowing properly in your body, therefore causing your ED. Sometimes depression is the second since the blocked serotonin receptors prevent excitement or an erection.