Male Penis Size – Not All Are Created Equal

The size of a man’s penis is very important to him. It defines his confidence and makes him feel important when he can please his partner. There is something to note about male penis size. They come in all different sizes. Some may be small, but then the man may be perfectly fine with his size. Larger penises can be impressive, but if it isn’t used correctly, it may not be worth engaging. Some penises that are abnormally large indicate a medical problem and can be tough for the man living with it.

Male Penis Size

When judging your male penis size, remember that most men have an average penis of about 6.16 inches. Actually, if your penis falls between 6 and 6.5 inches, you automatically fall within an average range. There is a chance you can increase your size by half an inch or more. This can be done with various penis exercises. Kegel exercises, not just for women, can be used among men to help strengthen their penises. Lifting objects like towels with your penis can help with size and increase muscle strength and stamina.

If you measure your Male Penis Size between 7 to 9 inches, you may be sporting a large member. These are generally due to ethnicity and genetics. Remember that having a large penis isn’t always the delight of most women. It takes more than just inserting your penis in a woman to please her. Some women enjoy foreplay before getting to the sex. It allows them to be intimate with their partner. This can also help you discovering what she may enjoy while you two engage with each other. If you have any penile problems, getting her warmed up before having sex can help mask these, like Premature Ejaculation.

Male penis size measuring over nine inches is often cause for concern. This usually occurs within a handful of men. When this happens, this means there is an underlying medical condition for it. Some men with foot long penises may have ED. This is because of poor circulation and their penises are so long, they can’t sport an erection. Also, some abnormal genes can cause a man’s penis to become abnormally large. Testing is usually done to discover the situation in these cases. Sometimes men of this girth may have to live with this and accept the fact that their member will not respond properly. Medicine and therapy are two ways to help you progress in this case.