Male Premature Ejaculation Treatment – A Few Facts

It may be embarrassing to report the condition to your doctor, but it’s not uncommon for men to experience man premature ejaculation problems. This often requires the implementation of various natural ejaculation control methods in order to improve the sex lives of the man and his partner. Mens premature ejaculation occurs commonly, and is fortunately unrelated to any serious diseases (unlike erectile dysfunction), and while the patient does not have a compromised libido, the issue can create serious problems in the bedroom—including an unsatisfied spouse. The inability to practice sexual control may also create shame, embarrassment, and even long-term depression. Often, one of the first professionals a couple should consult for this disorder is a sex therapist.

The implementation of natural ejaculation control is one of the best male premature ejaculation treatment options available. One technique that might be suggested is for the couple to practice ways to explore sexual arousal and intimacy without direct sexual stimulation of the genitals. In this way, the couple could maintain sexual arousal for long periods of time, and decide when to achieve orgasm. In addition, sometimes a woman grows unsatisfied if she does not achieve orgasm before her partner. A sex therapist may advise the couple to explore ways for the woman to hasten orgasm in these circumstances. Sometimes, the situation may not be an issue with premature ejaculation so much as the woman’s inability to achieve orgasm.

Most male premature ejaculation treatment options are psychological or involve sexual techniques. However, premature ejaculation may be caused by factors such as depression, guilt, or anxiety. For this reason, sometimes man premature ejaculation preventative measures could include certain anti-depressants or other medications seen fit by the doctor. An alternative, however, could involve expanded use of condoms to prevent some level of sensation, or removal of the penis at moments before orgasm (coitus interruptus) and delaying orgasm until the man is aware that the woman is about to orgasm first.

Male premature ejaculation treatment may also encompass numerous visits to the sex therapist or a psychiatrist. There’s a possibility that such behavior could be a form of passive aggressive behavior that is unknown to both parties. Sometimes, discovering the root of the issue in the relationship or the marriage could be a step to bettering the sex lives of both parties, and could also represent one of the best forms of mens premature ejaculation treatment. As with any sexual health issue, it’s encouraged for men to visit their doctors versus holding back from treatment based on fear or shyness of discussing such issues openly.