Male Sex Gland Problems: How Can It Affect You?

by Nick Swanson

You’ve been having trouble with your sexual performance lately and the reason? You don’t really know. You’ve tried different ways to improve your sexual performance to satisfy your lover but to no avail. If this is your problem then you need to keep reading. Has it ever occurred to you that you may have male sex gland problems which are causing your poor sex life?

What are Male Sex Glands?

Male Sex Gland Problems: How Can It Affect You

The male sex glands have two functions. One is to produce sperm cell. The other function is the production of the male hormone testosterone which is responsible for the development and maintenance of the secondary sex characteristics of men. It is also responsible for the male libido and sexual impulse.

When Problems Occur

Male sex gland problems occur when there is a deficiency of the hormone it excretes. If there is a lack of testosterone, there will be significant changes in the body.

  • Lack of of the male hormone testosterone – The most considerable effect is when there is a male glandular problem that causes no or insufficient production of testosterone. The effects vary as it will depend on what age the deficiency happened. Eunuchism is the condition where there is a total absence of the testosterone during puberty so no secondary sex characteristics are developed. If this condition happens before puberty, the boy can have delicate skin, lack of hair on the body, broad hips and sometimes, enlarged breasts. The absence of this material results in more feminine features.
  • If the sex gland deficiency happens after puberty, there will still be considerable changes physically. This includes thinning of the skin, retarded growth of facial, absence of armpit hair and in the pubic area. For men who are already 45-50 years of age, the changes will not be visible. But, the change will take place in the bodily functions.
  • Excess sex gland secretion – A man suffers from excessive sex gland function if there are tumor formations. The large amounts of the male sex hormone testosterone results to many abnormal body characteristics. If this happens before puberty, the boy will experience puberty a lot sooner. If it happens after puberty, the man will have more masculine features.

Can It Be Treated?

These problems can be treated so you finally get the sex life you’ve been dreaming of. If the problem is the lack of male sex hormone testosterone, hormone replacement therapy or treatment with synthetic testosterone can address the problem. For excessive activity male sex gland problems, the best treatment is to get the tumor removed. This results in the reduced amount of sex gland materials in the male body.


There are moments when you feel no interest in sex or there is a lack of sexual drive. Experts say that these effects can also be psychological as men can feel depressed knowing their deficiencies. Use this information to turn your sex life around and have a better sexual relationship with your partner. The first step is consulting your doctor or specialist in order to determine if it has something to do with male sex gland problems.