Male Sexual Stamina – Some Basic Information

by Nick Swanson

Male Sexual Stamina

Male sexual stamina is how most men define themselves. They pride themselves on how long they can last in the bedroom. For those men who suffer from premature ejaculation, the idea of lasting for a long time can seem like a dream that they will never attain. The fact is that all men have the ability to last longer in the bedroom. You just have to know what is causing your sexual stamina problem and find a treatment that suits you the best. Of course, the first thing you want to do is get evaluated by your doctor to make sure you do not have a more serious prostate problem underlying your stamina issues. Once you are sure there is nothing seriously wrong with you, you can begin your search for a sexual stamina increasing method.

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One method that can help with male sexual stamina is to do a technique that is called edging. The purpose of this technique is to masturbate until you get right to the edge of having an orgasm and then stop. After several seconds, or even several minutes, restart the process again. This technique will help your brain reconfigure itself on how it responds to sexual stimulation. If your brain is used to getting right to the point of orgasm and then pulling itself back, it will begin to do that naturally during sexual intercourse and you will be able to last longer.

Meditation and relaxation are other things that can help increase male sexual stamina. You may think that the idea is ludicrous, but just try it the next time you are about to have sexual intercourse. Go in the bathroom and take a few moments to relax your mind and meditate on the experience that is about to take place. Do not psych yourself up, rather relax the mind and open yourself up to being able to enjoy the experience. Many men worry too much about how they are performing during sex, so it ruins their stamina. This way, you will not be so worried and you will be able to last longer than you usually do.

Believe it or not, there are actually some foods that are supposed to help improve male sexual stamina. Of course, it is not scientific fact, nor have there been any formal studies to show just how well these foods help, but some men have found they benefit from them. The foods that are supposed to help with sexual stamina are bananas, garlic, figs, blueberries and chocolate. Again, it is not scientific, but it really can’t hurt to try it and see if it helps you.