Myths and Facts of Male Sexuality You Must Know

By | Updated February 20, 2019
by Jason Vredenburg

Male Sexuality Myths And Facts

We all come from cultures that teach different myths and facts of male sexuality. People are taught how they should behave as men and how to behave when they are in a relationship. The traditional roles left men feeling inadequate and isolated because they were termed as not being man enough.

The myths and facts of male sexuality that was there long ago still haunt the current society. This is because men are not open and they do not express their sexual emotions and feelings.

Myth: Men Are Always Ready And Willing To Have Sex

There is a myth that men are always ready to have sex and their desire is seen as uncomplicated as compared to women. The myth is simplified by saying that men belong to nature and their sexual desire is driven by nature. Women are seen as people who are driven by meaning and their sexuality is driven by their self-image, self-esteem and how they feel towards their partner. The truth is that both women and men are creatures of meaning and nature. The truth is that both genders are the same when it comes to sexuality.

Myth: Size Matters

Most men are concerned about the size of their penis even though their size is good for them to be good in bed. Most people believe that the bigger the penis is, the better the sex. Some women are also concerned about the size of their partner’s penis. Some are uncomfortable with the penis that is unusually long. The truth is that the size of the penis is of little significance. This is because the flexibility of the vagina allows it to contract and expand depending on the penis. This allows the penis of any man to fill the vagina of the woman. This allows both partners to enjoy their sexual activity regardless of the size.

Myth: Very Few Men Are Virgins

Civilization had changed people’s thinking on virginity because it was not appreciated. Most people thought that losing one’s virginity was considered classic. People have begun to appreciate the importance of keeping their virginity. Virginity is being seen as something that helps to increase the trust between couples after marriage. The truth is that there are men who are out there and they are still virgins. However, the notion of number depends on beliefs, background and ones faith that encourage them to keep their virginity.

Myth: Sex Requires An Erection

The erection of a man does not necessarily mean that they have desire. The desire in a man does not always mean that they will have an erection. Sexual desire and getting aroused physically are different. Women and men are able to have sex without desire. Men are always seen as ready to have a sexual intercourse when they have an erection even when this is not the case. Most men are seen as people who are only interested in sex and nothing else. The truth is that there are men who are interested in an emotional connection and they want to be desired and wanted by their partner.

Myth: Men In Relationships Do Not Masturbate

Masturbation is something that people learn when they are adolescents. This is where they take a journey of their sexuality. Studies have shown that men usually masturbate more than women do. Most people believe that masturbation is only practiced by men who are single and do not have sexual partners. Well, this is not the case because there are married men and they masturbate actively while leaving their partner who is ready for sex.

Myth: Men Never Fake It

Most people believe that only women fake an orgasm. Research has shown that even men are getting into this habit. Most men give the excuse of being tired and they do not want to hurt their partner. Most men have to fake it when their partner initiates lovemaking and they are not in the mood.

Myth: Ejaculating Always Means Orgasm

Orgasm and ejaculation are two terms that are closely related and often mistaken. Ejaculatory anhedonia is a condition in which a man is able to ejaculate without reaching the climax. Therefore, it is possible for one to ejaculate without having an orgasm or have an orgasm without ejaculating.

Myth: Men Are Generally Not Interested In Foreplay

Slow sexual intercourse is not only good for women but it is also important for the men. Foreplay helps them to be able to bond with their partners and increase their confidence. This helps men to be able to control their ejaculation and this makes both partners be able to enjoy the sexual activity.


There are many myths and facts of male sexuality. The truth is that men need as much attention as women when it comes to sex. Ever one should be treated as an individual by their partner and it should not be assumed that all men are the same.