MaXtender – Does MaXtender Work?

by Nick Swanson

MaXtender Overview

MaXtender is a product designed to enlarge the penis over time by stretching it and stimulating the growth of new cells and penile tissue. At the time this review was written there was no official website for MaXtender. Retailers such as Amazon that were selling the product provided only basic information, and no data regarding scientific or clinical studies could be located.

The main advantage of the MaXtender device is the price. It is currently being sold on Amazon for just $49.99, which is substantially cheaper than similar products. The sites that were visited did not mention a guarantee.

MaXtender Product Details


The MaXtender consists of a spring loaded extender with silicone rings on each end, several sets of extender bars, an instruction manual, a storage box, and a carrying bag. The silicone rings are fitted over the base and head of the penis. Tension is then applied with the extender bars, which stretches the penis over time.

Good About MaXtender

  • MaXtender is significantly less expensive than other extenders
  • The device is shipped discreetly
  • Traction is a proven effective method of penis enlargement
  • MaXtender can be purchased from online retailers such as Amazon

Bad About MaXtender

  • There is no official website for the product
  • It does not appear that MaXtender is backed by a guarantee
  • Results take time to achieve
  • Overall, there is very little information about the device available online

MaXtender The Bottom Line

Most penis extenders use traction to produce size gains, and this one is no different. The design is very basic, but its affordability sets it apart from similar products currently on the market.