Measures To Stop Premature Ejaculation

by Nick Swanson

Stopping Premature Ejaculation

An estimated twenty five percent of men deal with premature ejaculation, some of them regularly and others infrequently. And while to some men, lasting five minutes during sex is a sign of the problem, some would kill to last that long. Stopping premature ejaculation can involve a number of different steps, and while some may be well known others are rarely recognized.

Stopping premature ejaculation normally begins by utilizing pelvic exercises and other techniques such as the stop and start method. Sometimes counseling can help if psychological issues are at hand. And of course, stopping premature ejaculation is often done with prescription drugs.

But there are some steps for stopping premature ejaculation that you can try if you would rather avoid drugs and if other steps aren’t working for you. For example, one of the methods for Stopping Premature Ejaculation that most men may not know about involves penis rings.

These devices slid over the penis and are placed at the base of it. The extra pressure engorges the penis and helps to not only desensitize it, but also to make orgasm more difficult to achieve. Since it often includes the added bonus of slight erection size increases, most men are more than willing to try it for stopping premature ejaculation.

Similar to penis rings is another method of stopping premature ejaculation known as testicular restraint. Essentially, a device is used to help stop the testicles from moving during intercourse. This has been effective for some men at stopping premature ejaculation although many report discomfort from using it while others simply don’t care for the hassle involved.

A third trick that helps at stopping premature ejaculation is nothing more than wearing a condom. Simply put, a condom can decrease the sensation of sex and help men last longer during intercourse. It’s also a cheap and easy method to try.

Finally, some studies have found that an herbal supplement known as Tribulus can be effective at stopping premature ejaculation in some men. While the exact statistics on results are unknown, it is a safer method than prescription drugs and many men have reported success with it.

Whether you try a penis ring, a condom, or some combination of the various methods of stopping premature ejaculation, there are options that can help. Before you opt for expensive and hazardous prescription drugs, you should consider trying all of the natural methods available for stopping premature ejaculation.