Men With ED – Who They are and How it Affects Them?

by Nick Swanson

Of all the different sexually related issues confronting men today, erectile dysfunction is certainly the most common. Most men will have an encounter with it at some point in their lives, although it will usually be an isolated incident. However, it is estimated that there are over thirty million men with ED in America alone who suffer it regularly, highlighting just how prevalent this condition really is. Taking a look at the different groups of men who deal with the issue and how it affects their life should help you gain a better understanding of the condition and how to overcome it.

Men With ED

There are men with ED from virtually all ages. It’s the rarest among those under forty, but it does still occur. In these cases the most common culprits for erectile dysfunction are health conditions like diabetes, lifestyle problems like obesity or alcoholism, or psychological factors like performance anxiety and depression. Especially in younger men, ED can cause low self-esteem and relationship issues. In cases of young erectile dysfunction most treatments will focus on the underlying conditions although treatment for the ED with prescription medications may also be undertaken at the discretion of a physician.

As they age, the incidence of men with ED steadily rises. Five percent of forty year olds are estimated to have the issue while thirty five percent of men between forty and seventy have it. This is because aging naturally triggers the problem since it can cause blood vessels to narrow and nerves to stop functioning at their best, two issues that decrease blood flow into the penis. Prescription medications and lifestyle changes like diet or exercise are often more than enough to help nearly all men who have erectile dysfunction problems to overcome their issues and move on with their lives.

Men with ED often report a number of emotional issues due to their problem. Drops in self-esteem and self-confidence are common and some relationships may suffer. In some cases the woman feels that the man isn’t attracted to her, for example, which can lead to arguments and stress. This stress then causes the man to be even more concerned about gaining an erection the next time they have sex, making it much harder to actually gain one. This creates a kind of vicious circle that can be hard to break out of without proper assistance. Luckily, treatment for ED is more than possible thanks to modern medicine.