Men with Inhibited Sexual Desire

by Nick Swanson

Watch most movies or ask most people about it, and they’ll tell you that men are obsessed with sex. And while there’s no doubt that most guys do indeed love sex and think about it often, there are also plenty of men who have inhibited sexual desire. Essentially, this is just what it sounds like and is a lack of interest in sexual activity. There are two main types of this condition secondary, where a man has lost desire that he once had, and primary, in which the man has never really had a strong libido at all.

Men with Inhibited Sexual Desire

This is a problem that is much more common than most people realize. In fact, it’s something that happens on a fairly regular basis. But when it continues and persists while in a relationship, it can create major issues. In particular, when a man suddenly experiences a loss of sexual desire their partner may feel as though it is because of them. This can put a serious strain on a relationship and may even cause the end of a relationship completely.

There are a few common problems that can cause inhibited sexual desire, and in many instances it is a basic psychological situation.

  • Relationship Problems – In many cases, relationship troubles are indeed to blame. Things like a lack of affection, communication issues, not spending enough time together, and frequent conflicts can all cause a reduction in libido to occur.
  • Upbringing – A person’s childhood could influence their sexual desire as well. Traumatic sexual experiences or an upbringing that instilled negative attitudes concerning sexual activity could cause reduced sexual desire.
  • Stress – Often, general stress caused by issues like money, work, and other problems could be to blame.
  • Fatigue – Insomnia, fatigue, and similar issues can trigger a variety of sexual issues including a general loss of interest in sex.
  • Illness – Certain illnesses, particularly those that cause pain, fatigue, and depression could influence libido and lead to inhibited sexual desire.
  • Hormonal Changes – Men who experience hormonal changes may suffer from a loss of libido.
  • Depression – One of the main symptoms of depression is a loss of sexual desire.

If you’ve noticed that your desire for sex has been reduced in recent months, your best bet is to visit a physician. While physical causes are the rarest triggers of reduced sexual desire, your doctor can help pinpoint a specific issue and determine just what needs to be done to help you overcome this problem.