Men With Large Penis – Is There Such a Thing as Too Big?

Do you know what all men are craving for? Well, let me tell you.
We, men, are extremely simple human beings. I’m not talking about the everyday kind of simple. We are the “I see a hot lady on a photo, I press the like button” kind of simple.

With that being said, it is easy to know what all men (don’t get this too literal) want. So, what do we want?

Unlike women, who are strange beings to us, maybe even extraterrestrial, who knows, we exactly know what our body and mind are cravings for. It’s like it is in our nature.

So, men like and want good cars, nice women, beer, sports. Beside from that, all of us share a common desire – having a large penis.

Oh, yes! That’s our soft spot! However, although most of us are blessed with normal penis sizes, usually when we talk about it with friends we add a couple of centimeters just to be better than the other guy.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

When you ask a girl – How much did the snowfall today? – She would say 5 centimeters, or as we men would say 15. If you know what I mean.

Well, what’s wrong with that you may ask? People also believe that women prefer larger penises, which implies that men want that size in order to make the better-looking part of the world happy. What if I told you that there is a downside to that as well?!

Most men wouldn’t believe at first, that’s why this article is here. Let’s convince you, silly men. Who knows, maybe after this article we won’t be so focused on our penises.

All jokes aside, it’s time for the real deal here.

What Type Of Problems Do Men With Large Penis Have?

Before thinking and researching about this topic, as I have said, I also wondered how good it would be to have a few centimeters more, and I’m not talking about the height, ahem. Well, after I have done my research, I’m satisfied with what I have, and I think you will be too.

1. Taking A Dump Will Never Be The Same

Taking A Dump Will Never Be The Same


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Okay, this is a very uncomfortable and irritating problem. Thank God I don’t have a large penis! Who thought a man would ever say that, am I right?

So, imagine this. You are sitting on the toilet, doing what human nature suggested you do, delivering back what was given to you, and… oh you get the point. You are close to finishing the “job”, when all of the sudden, your penis falls down from the position you put it in and dives into the toilet water.

Oh boy! I get the chills just from thinking about it. Yup, believe it or not, that is one of the problems that men with large penis have. They always have to worry about their penis not touching the water!

The only solution to this problem is to put your penis on the toilet board or find a comfy place where it won’t make a splash.
Can it get more annoying? You just wait.

2. Wearing Tight Pants Is A No-No

Tight pants can be a real pain even if you have a regular sized penis. Everything is so tight, your skin can’t breathe and you are taking all of that because your legs look pretty nice and buff since you’ve just done your leg day workout. Now imagine all that but with a larger penis.

Imagine walking down the street and having to kick out your legs like a horse does every 5 minutes because your penis has fallen out of place.

It is irritating and even painful. After a few hours, all that you can think of is how annoyed you are by the position your penis has in your tight pants.

You never really get used to it!

3. Mothers, Close Your Eyes

Mothers, Close Your Eyes

Wearing something like yoga pants or even regular pants, or even previously mentioned tight pants, will make you in the center of attention. Women are like men, they like to size up the other genre from head to toe.

Well, imagine their reaction when they see your “junk” just screaming for attention. As much as the being noticed part of this is appealing, I assure you, the reason why you are in the center of attention can be quite embarrassing.

This can even create uncomfortable situations when it comes to other men. However, that’s a different territory.

What you can do in order to escape the highlights is, well, wear wider pants or shorts. Tight isn’t always the answer. If you are bothered way too much with this, you should consider having a change in your wardrobe.

4. Unzipping Is A Science Now

 Unzipping Is A Science Now

Men with regularly sized penises have this one easy. When we want to pee, we simply find a good place to mark our territory, unzip, and let it all out. The more “gifted” ones, on the other hand, have a hard time in this field as well.

They have to unzip their pants in many steps before they actually come to the peeing part. This isn’t fun, especially if you are in a hurry.

Also, you have to worry about not hurting yourself while you are unzipping. That can hurt! Men are sensitive too you know, at least in that region.

It is not much you can do in this situation. Simply be careful or wear some pants that don’t need the zipper. Changing pants to tracksuits can be a solution sometimes.

5. Having a Boner Is Also A No-No

Let me tell you straight away – Forget about it! So a sexy girl has passed by you and looked your way. So what?! You can’t let your mind go wild and create unnecessary illusions. You know where that would lead – to an eruption in your pants!

Seriously, your pants would form a mountain-like shape, and you would look like you have a stick placed in your underwear. That’s not a pretty sight, although to some women it may look appealing.

What to do in these situations? Well, control your thoughts as much as you can. Don’t wonder too much and think about what could happen with that girl that just passed by. Don’t look too much either! Stay in the zone, stay focused and you won’t be having that many difficulties.

6. Waking Up Hard Like Steel

6.Waking Up Hard Like Steel

It’s in our nature to have an erection when we wake up. It literally happens every single day. The sun is nowhere to be found yet. You have just woken up, getting ready to work. Oh look, someone has been up before you. Your little buddy!

Imagine if that buddy skipped puberty and went straight to adulthood. That would be some heck of a wakeup. Women would wake up thinking God knows what if they are next to a guy with a large penis.

When it comes to this one, there is absolutely nothing you can do. It is completely normal. This article[1], talking about erectile dysfunction, only proves that the morning buddy is completely a normal sight.

7. Underpants Should Be Carefully Chosen Now

It is very important now, just like choosing a nice shirt, that you choose the right underwear for your package. This is a general rule – You should always be looking for the comfiest underwear that doesn’t lead to pain in your genital area later.

It is very important that your penis has some space down there.

Now, it is even harder to find the correct one! What you should do is actually try them out and see how it feels. You can’t just buy judging by the size you have seen on the etiquette. You don’t trust that anymore!

8. Dancing Like There Is No Tomorrow

Dancing Like There Is No Tomorrow

Dancing with a girl, body to body, hand to hand, can be a quite risky one for the gifted men. Remember, you don’t want to wake the dragon up too early.

Imagine you dancing with a complete stranger girl that you like. Imagine her face when she feels something touching her, and it couldn’t be your hands since she is holding them while you are dancing. Awkward!

This can also be avoided by focusing, or by not dancing so close.

9. Picking A Condom Will Be Harder

Oh boy, you would have to worry about this one as well. No condom out there will feel just right for your size. Some will feel like they don’t fit, some actually won’t fit, and others will be too tight.

You will need to search from market to market. This can create a lot of awkward situations, but hey, you have to get through it. Imagine having a large penis, all of these problems and unwanted kids. Oh, the horror!

10. Lubricants Are Your New Best Friends

Lubricants Are Your New Best Friends

It will be a nightmare putting it in, you know. If you go straight in, it will hurt your partner so much that she won’t enjoy it.

The whole point of sex is that both of you enjoy, not just you, you egocentric little prick with a large… Sorry, I get carried away like that sometimes.

Well, you should use lubricants to make things easy and to make your thing slide in easy.

Trust me, that will become your new best friend if it already hasn’t.

Final Verdict

What this article has shown me, is that having a large penis is actually a burden. It is a burden that teaches you many things. It teaches you discipline, good manners, respect, and good taste in clothes.

That’s the way you should look at it. It is a gift, truly, but every gift has its downsides as well. You should embrace them, learn from them and proceed, just enjoying the package that you’ve got for Christmas – although you have had it since the beginning, oh well, you get the point.

Well, that would be it for this article. Now you know that people with large penises don’t have it as easy as we thought they do.

I don’t know if this article changed your mind. I assume it did since it changed mine, and I was just a regular guy wanting all of those things I have mentioned from the start. Now you see, I have crossed one of that out from that list, and it makes my life that much easier.

Focus on the things that you can have, and enjoy the things that are already yours. I hope that this article helped you with some problems and cleared a few things up! Cheers!

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