Men with Stressful Jobs are Likely to Be a Flop in Bed

by Nick Swanson

Sex plays a vital role in a relationship. Healthy sex life can surely promise a healthier and harmonious relationship as well. According to research, sexual issues are one of the most common causes of couples’ argument. As a matter of fact, it has exceeded money, work-related issues, etc. Hence, you should always make sure that you have that ideal sexual relationship with your partner.

Men with Stressful Jobs are Likely to Be a Flop in Bed

However, men with stressful jobs are likely to be a flop in bed. Since men often work hard to provide their family with all their needs, seeing them drooling so much of their work is a common scene. Some men even resort to having two jobs at the same time to cope with the increasing prices of commodities at the present time. This leaves them too much stress and fatigue.

According to the study made by Willy Boffins to middle aged Japanese men (aged 34-67) with high career demands, most of them are experiencing andropause symptoms. Andropause is simply the menopausal stage or phase happening to men.

The symptoms include the following :

  • Depression
  • Diminished libido
  • Obscurity on achieving a hard-on
  • Lack of energy

These symptoms are enough to prove that men with stressful jobs are likely to be a flop in bed. Thus, experts advised men not to work too much to the extent that pressure and stress couldn’t be handled well as it can absolutely affect their performance in bed.

Knowing that men with stressful jobs are likely to be a flop in bed, it is ideal that you know some tips on how you can turn your stressful nights to a worth-remembering passionate love-making hours with your partner.

  • Communicate well – Communication is one of the most important things you wouldn’t want to lose in your relationship. Hence, you must always make an effort to ensure that you are communicating well with your partner in the sense that you are telling him what you want and listening to her as well. Sexual issues are not often being talked about by couples which can eventually lead to a bigger misunderstanding in the future.
  • Know your limitations – Working hard is definitely a good thing to do especially now that the economic difficulties are being experienced in almost all parts of the world. However, you must know when you should pause to relax or unwind. Never bring your work pressures and stress at home. This can definitely be felt by your partner. Instead, make an effort to separate your work with your personal obligations.

Sex is a very important factor in order to assure a strong and healthy relationship with your love one. Make sure to give your best to keep it as steamy as your first time!