Menopause In Men – What Menopause Can Exactly Do?

by Nick Swanson

Menopause In Men What Menopause Exactly

Menopause and men are two words that are often only heard in the same sentence as the beginning to a joke. There is increasing evidence, however, that suggests men go through their own menopause of sorts. While it may not be as severe or final as the version all women go through, it can get quite troublesome in some cases. While women are assured that they will begin to suffer the symptoms related to cessation of estrogen production around a certain age, men enjoy no such certainty. Enjoy may not seem like the appropriate word, but that certainty is what makes it fairly obvious when a woman begins to suffer from certain symptoms what the cause is. It is that uncertainty that makes the male version much more difficult to diagnose.

When it comes to Men and menopause, there is very little consistency from one man to the next. All men will have a decrease in testosterone production with age, but the degree to which is occurs varies greatly, meaning symptoms vary greatly as well. Some mean never even notice a change, while others suffer many of the symptoms common to the female version. Symptoms such as fatigue and depression, as well as sexual dysfunction can be caused by numerous other factors and often the possibility of low testosterone levels is overlooked. Also, low testosterone can cause men to be more susceptible to conditions such as diabetes, obesity, and high blood pressure.

This fact adds a new facet to the idea of Men and menopause. It is no longer a joking matter, but a serious issue that must be diagnosed and treated. If these symptoms and conditions are related to male menopause, the only treatment is hormone replacement therapy of some sort. Treating the symptoms will not work, you much treat the cause. The only way to diagnose low testosterone is by blood test, but patients should bring up the issue with their doctors if they feel they should be tested. Doctors may overlook the possibility due to the commonality and various causes of the same symptoms.

Men and menopause is a serious medical topic, and research is ongoing. The major differences between the male and female versions are that with females, menopause will happen, and all estrogen production will cease. There will definitely be negative effects associated with this. In men, there will be a reduction, but not complete cessation of hormone production, and there may or may not be noticeable symptoms.