Misconceptions & Facts About Penis Size

by Nick Swanson

Millions of men worry about whether does penis length matter, and can be very insecure about this particular issue. Does penis length matter is a question that involves a lot of stress and anxiety for a lot of men. Most men worry about does penis length matter because they feel that this involves a question of whether they are inadequate sexually. This is a serious problem for many men, and much more complicated than most men think it is. They want to have a great sexual relationship with their partner that’s satisfying for both of them.

Misconceptions & Facts About Penis Size

Does penis length matter is a question that many men worry about, and they want to know what the typical length of the penis is. When considering does penis length matter, the facts have concluded that nearly 70 percent of all men have a penis that measures between 4.6 and 6 inches long. The question about does penis length matter is a matter for each man to decide. Nearly 50 percent of all men who have been surveyed have concluded that they aren’t happy with their penis size. However, the interesting thing is that most of the men surveyed were the ones who weren’t satisfied with their penis size, and their partner didn’t have complaints.

When men with shorter than usual penises were surveyed and asked does penis length matter, they weren’t happy with their size, but most men who have penises within a normal size range weren’t happy with their size either. It doesn’t seem to matter about does penis length matter when the men surveyed were older or younger. Does penis length matter is a problem that seems to be an issue with men of any age. When women are questioned about the size of the penis, it seems to be more of a question of the width of the penis rather than the length.

Does penis length matter when questioning women? Most women will answer about does penis length matter in the negative. Most women questioned about does penis length matter, will specifically say that the width rather than the length is what matters to them the most. The sensation of having the width within the vaginal wall is what matters most to women who were surveyed. If you have the feeling that your penis is too thin to satisfy your partner during sexual encounters, you can use condoms that are designed to be thick which will satisfy both partners and allow you to have better sexual experiences.