More Options For Male Sexual Enhancement

by Nick Swanson

More Options For Male Sexual Enhancement

Male enhancement products are a growing market in today’s world. An assortment of options are available for the concerned man including pills, lotions, supplements, exercises, tools and even surgery. The jury is out on the effectiveness of all of these products which leads searching consumers to wonder is there any male enhancement that works and which is the best option for them.

The most prevalent product in the stores and on the Internet is the pills and penis enlargement pills, creams and supplements. These items all claim to work by providing more blood flow to the penis which leads to larger, more sustained erections as well as increased desire. Many doctors and other health care experts have asserted that these pills are not a male enhancement that works, however, users’ reviews of these products report that most users did see an improvement in their sex lives after using these options.

The exercises and tools have been said to provide short term improvements to users but that they must be repeated to maintain results. A manual exercise called “jelqing” is a male enhancement that works. On the downside, the lengthy exercise must be repeated daily and runs the risk of scarring and damaging the penis. In jelqing, the penis is massaged in a hand over hand motion that forces blood into the tip of the organ. This floods the cells and over time increases the size of the reproductive member. Two tools, the penis pump and the extender, have also been found to deliver temporary enhancement. The penis pump is generally used by men with impotence issues but can be used by men seeking a larger penis. The penis is inserted into a tube that exerts suction on the organ, either through manual or mechanical operation. When the larger erection is received, it is secured with a ring at the base of the penis. The enhancement remains in place as long as the ring is secured. The extender is a stretcher that is attached to the end of the penis and is thought to lengthen it.

Surgery is a proven male enhancement that works. Surgery is drastic, expensive and is not a usual option for many men but it does have the highest success rate. Through surgery, the penis can either be lengthened or widened. Another less popular option is for implants to be inserted into the penis. While surgery does have a higher success rate than pills and exercisers, many patients do go on to have further surgeries after the initial operation.