The Most Common Reasons for Impotence

by Cheryl Powers

Men that suffer from impotence typically do not want to talk about the issue or even think about the issue. These men must realize that the only way to determine a treatment plan or the best method to fix the problem is by finding the cause. For example, some men suffer from impotence because of an injury. All of the supplements and the pills in the world will not solve the problem because it will only go away once the injury heals. The most common reasons for impotence vary among age groups.

The Most Common Reasons for Impotence

One of the most common reasons for impotence is stress. Stress is a serious problem for men of all ages, including teenagers and the elderly. When a man feels stressed, the stressful situation or problem completely consumes his mind, making it difficult to think about anything else. If he attempts sexual activity, his brain focuses on the stressful act and will not let the erection form. It is important for men to continue seeking outlets for their stress. Even one minor stressful situation might cause the man to have impotence problems for weeks or even months.

Stress is not the only cause of impotence. Anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder, depression, and other types of psychological problems are reasons for impotence. Some men have impotence problems because of medication they take to treat that mental disorder. Many of the popular anti depression drugs and medications list impotence as a possible side effect. There are multiple medications for other medical conditions that can lead to erectile dysfunction. Treatments for Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease might lead to impotence. The trouble is that the man might not understand that his medication causes the problem and blames the problem on his disease.

While there are many treatment options available without a prescription, it is important that men discuss their condition with a licensed physician. The doctor can identify any potential reasons for impotence and look for potential causes in the man’s life. It is nearly impossible for a man to diagnosis himself and identify the exact reason for his problem. The impotence might be caused by a medical condition that a man does not even know he has. The only way to treat the impotence problem and stop it from occurring again is if the man gets the proper treatment for that medical condition.