Multiple Male Ejaculation – It Really Does Happen

by Cheryl Powers

It’s not commonly known that it’s possible for men to become multi-orgasmic and experience multiple male ejaculation. Commonly, multiple orgasms are considered a female ability. This is because women do not incur the resolution phase that men experience after orgasm, where the genitalia became flaccid and unresponsive to further sexual stimuli. Natural ejaculation control methods can be implemented by a man to contract the pelvic floor (PC) muscle and prevent ejaculation from occurring. When ejaculation is prevented, the man does not experience the period of sexual withdrawal that commonly occurs after ejaculation, and can be stimulated to a second orgasm. But in order to successfully accomplish this requires a level of training and additional understanding about how male orgasms function.

The first thing to understand with multiple male ejaculation or multiple male orgasm is that the ejaculation and orgasm are separate events. The orgasm happens in tandem with the ejaculation. Although both of these events may seem joined together, it’s possible to experience the orgasm without the ejaculation part of it. Natural ejaculation control methods involve tightening the pelvic floor muscle in order to prevent the ejaculation. After a short withdrawal, the penis should be ready for continued sexual stimulation shortly afterwards. If regular ejaculation had occurred, the man would be unable to very easily experience sexual stimulation again.

The pelvic floor muscle can be felt most easily while urinating. In order to suddenly cancel the floor of urine, a specific pelvic muscle is tightened. Most are not aware of this muscle, except when it’s used to cut off urine flow perhaps if an emergency occurs while in a restroom stall and you have to run away in a hurry. Try locating this muscle the next you are urinating, and then practice pressing in on this muscle throughout the day to tighten it. The stronger the muscle is, the easier it will be to practice natural ejaculation control and experience multiple male ejaculation.

This natural ejaculation control technique is also useful as a male premature ejaculation treatment. By developing this skill, a man could simultaneously experience far heightened pleasure during sex, and also eliminate issues where his partner is not satisfied by sudden orgasms that are not timed in synch with her own pleasure. Premature ejaculation can cause severe relationship and marital problems, and also lead to depression. Speak to a specialized sex therapist to learn more about experiencing multiple male ejaculation and mastering this technique.