Natural Ejaculation Control – The Facts

by Nick Swanson

Natural Ejaculation Contro
Often men are not aware that they have a lower pelvic muscle that controls penile flow. If you ever had to run off to receive an important phone-call in the middle of urinating, and you had to stop the flow of urine in a hurry, you used this pelvic muscle to contract the abdomen and stop the flow. This same muscle also controls ejaculate, and the key to multiple male ejaculation lies with learning how to contract the pelvic floor muscle shortly before ejaculation. This prevents the normal flaccid stage following orgasm, and the man may continue to experience sexual stimulation after a short relaxation period. However, this technique requires a good deal of practice to master.

The first step in natural ejaculation control and experiencing multiple male ejaculation is to locate the PC muscle. Lie on your back, and contract your abdomen, similar to if you were halting the flow of urine. By practicing these contractions, you are strengthening this pelvic muscle. During sexual intercourse or masturbation, the trick is to tighten the muscle right before the “point of no return” when ejaculation occurs. A man could then experience the orgasm without, or with very minimal, semen coming from the penis. After a quick ‘break’ period of a minute or two, the man may continue sexual stimulation, and continue to practice PC muscle contractions to further delay ejaculation.

It’s important to understand that the ejaculation point and orgasm are separate occurrences. Although typically thought to be one in the same, ejaculation actually follows orgasm. The secret to natural ejaculation control and multiple male ejaculation is to experience the orgasm while preventing the ejaculation. The thing we are trying to prevent is the flaccid, post-ejaculation state. The reason women may experience multiple orgasms more easily is because they do not have a post-ejaculation state where they no longer respond to sexual stimulation. This “cut off” point makes this particularly difficult for men.

Natural ejaculation control techniques are also used as men’s premature ejaculation treatment. Progressive doctors and sex therapists may recommend for couples experiencing issues with premature ejaculation to practice working the pelvic floor muscle to naturally halt ejaculation. This way, the woman can experience a full amount of pleasure, and the man can actually directly control his orgasms, and decide when to release. Understand that as a man, becoming multi-orgasmic may take a lot of practice and dedication. But, it’s a skill that a lucky few can claim mastery over.