Natural Menopause Treatment – Women Have Options When It Comes To Menopause

When it comes to natural treatment, menopause women have several options from which to choose. Avoiding traditional hormone therapy will help avoid the problems associated with it such as increased changes of heart attack or cancer. Here are a few to consider:

  • Exercise – Exercise has many beneficial effects on women dealing with menopause. First, it helps release endorphins into the body that alleviate mood issues. It helps reduces the stress that many menopausal women have. It also seems to increase estrogen levels, which helps decrease the issues with hot flashes and night sweats. It increases bone mass, which helps alleviate osteoporosis, and lower the risk of high blood pressure and stroke.
  • Natural Menopause Treatment - Women Have Options When It Comes To Menopause
  • Diet – Diet is something you might not think about when hunting for natural treatment menopause. However eating a balanced diet is essential for giving your body the tools it needs to handle hormone imbalances and mood disorders. Increasing soy intake is another option for diet changes. It helps lower cholesterol and lowers heart problem risk. Fruits and vegetables provide phytoestrogens, which act as estrogen in the body. They also contain boron, which helps the body retain estrogen naturally.
  • Talk therapy – That might not seem like a natural treatment menopause women would consider. Nevertheless, anxiety is a big part of this condition. It marks a big change in a woman’s life. It is the end of reproductive abilities. Visiting a therapist can help women deal with any issues they have with the change. That will help them emotionally, psychologically, and mentally deal with it.
  • Massage – You might wonder why massage is a consideration. However, one of the biggest problems for women dealing with menopause is anxiety and body issues. Massage is a fantastic way to alleviate stress and muscle tension. It helps quiet the mind and that helps with body image. It is one way to get several symptoms under control without using supplements or medications.
  • Meditation – Meditation is something along the lines of massage. Meditation helps alleviate stress. It also quiets the mind. Those can help the woman deal with the mood swings and hormonal imbalances that cause so many issues associated with menopause.
  • Natural hormone replacement therapy – This therapy involves taking hormones that are identical in structure and activity to natural hormones. For example, patients can take DHEA, which is a precursor to testosterone. That can increase testosterone levels. For women, the more common option would be taking estradiol to replace natural estrogen levels.