Some Simple Ideas for Natural Premature Ejaculation Treatment

by Nick Swanson

Some Simple Ideas for Natural Premature Ejaculation Treatment
Premature ejaculation involves the inability to control orgasm during intercourse. Frequently, men are only able to have short-term ropex during the first two minutes of intercourse. There are a number of physiological and psychological factors that can cause this issue. Extreme sensitivity to the penis during intercourse, performance anxiety, high levels of arousal, or even chemical factors in the brain can all play their part in speedy ejaculation. Many men and their partners turn toward forms of natural premature ejaculation treatment to increase activity time and intimacy levels with their sexual partners. Some see relief, others do not.

Healthy sexual relations between adults can lead to long lasting emotional bonds or even just a healthier physical outcome. Studies have shown that sexual activity that is carried out on a regular basis can produce endorphins, help the heart and cardiovascular system to function normally and relieve anxiety and depression. Conversely, a problem like premature ejaculation can lead to relationship tension, low self-esteem and reduced intimacy and bonding. It is important to resolve the issues as completely as possible. A natural premature ejaculation treatment may go a long way towards satisfaction, both emotionally and physically in a permanent or casual relationship.

Very few men seek out the official diagnosis of premature ejaculation from a physician, feeling embarrassed or inadequate about their sexual dysfunction. However, the problem may caused by low testosterone levels, a reduction in cardiovascular health, or aging. It is important to rule out a potentially damaging factor when considering premature ejaculation causes. If the quick climax is caused by overstimulation or arousal, there may be a simple and inexpensive method of natural premature ejaculation treatment available that can help. Numbing agents can be rubbed onto the penile skin to decrease sensation, and this can prolong the sexual activity considerably.

Another natural premature ejaculation treatment may involve relaxation techniques. Distracting the mind during sexual intercourse is a proven method to increase sexual intercourse time. A tried and true way to prolong sex involves the use of pressure at the base of the penis to prevent ejaculation. This can be done by a hand encircling the penis and applying pressure either in tandem with intercourse or before penetration. There are also ring shaped devices specifically made for this purpose. The purpose is to allow the need for ejaculation to pass and then continue with intercourse. This process can be done multiple times.