Knowing When You Should Naturally Increase Penile Size

A functioning sex life is an important aspect of any relationship. Whether the adult relationship is based upon emotional ties or physical attraction, intimacy can sometimes be the concrete that holds people together. According to scientific studies, men have a tendency to place a far greater level of regard to penis size than women. Typically, the average penis size can range from four and a half inches to seven inches. There are always those who fall outside of this category on either side of the spectrum. This explains the great public interest in legitimate ways to naturally increase penile size.

Naturally Increase Penile Size

There are many developmental or genetic issues that can interrupt the normal growth of the penis. Most growth occurs during the first five years of life, and then again during the onset of puberty. Improper production of testosterone can inhibit growth either temporarily or permanently. Again, it seems that men place a far greater importance on the length of their penis than women, and equate penis size with status and ability. There is a huge market for products and supplements that promise to naturally increase penile size. For those with underdeveloped penises, a visit to a physician may be the best bet.

Despite the media hype of a man’s man who possesses large reproductive organs, many studies have shown that women prefer an average sized penis for the greatest sexual satisfaction. This should be a lesson to men who focus on the size of their erection and disregard the manner in which it is used. However, for those who truly have a need to naturally increase penile size to accommodate a larger girth in their partner or have an underdeveloped penis, it may be worth their while to check into some of the available natural and medical options to enhance their rigidity or size.

Before anyone self medicates in an attempt to naturally increase penile size, it is imperative that physical or genetic factors that have underlying causes are ruled out. A small percentage of the population has what is known in the medical profession as a micropenis. This is a penis that is correctly formed, but is less than two inches in length. The lack of proper male hormones is usually the cause of a micropenis. If treated with testosterone early enough, this can be somewhat corrected. If left untreated until adulthood, surgical implants may be the only option available to increase micropenis size.