Normal Erect Penis Size – The Ins And Outs

For men who have wondered if they have a normal size pennis, the answer may be a bit trickier to find than they would have expected. While current social norms have paved the way to openness about all sorts of sexual subjects, until very recently, the subject was taboo. Youths and grown men alike were left to wonder quietly if they were adequate, while today the internet and books are available to see the results of scientific study, statistics and norms. While a general rule of thumb has been established, there are factors that should be considered in determining normal sizes.

Normal Erect Penis Size

Unfortunately for many of us, environmental tainting has led to the disruption of prenatal growth. Studies conducted in the last ten years observed the effect that some chemicals, primarily plastics, had on unborn babies and the mothers. There was a 25% increase in newborn development problems-including the incorrect dropping of testicles and the reduction of a normal pennis size. Laboratory studies that tested these theories on various types of animals had the same results. Long term studies are in effect to see if these chromosomal disruptions can be treated with testosterone replacement or simply by allowing the body to regulate itself.

Truly, the answer of determining a normal size pennis ultimately may come down to self-perception and satisfaction with performance. Men who have frequent and satisfying sexual encounters regard their penis size as perfectly adequate. However, given the attachment that men have in regards to the size of their penis, some of them may only have satisfying sexual encounters because of their penis size, and not the other way around. It is an interesting psychological phenomenon. Most women place far less regard for penis length than men, and base their criteria upon performance and reciprocity. Men tend to bring ego into the bedroom.

In a dedicated physical relationship, the intimacy and sharing of physical and emotional pleasure makes the worries about a normal size pennis seem redundant. However, for those who are afflicted with an abnormally small or an abnormally large penis may need to seek medical direction in order to have a normal sex life. Counseling and physical care can help those in need feel comfortable with their bodies and reputable sexual therapists may be able to offer techniques that can help to satisfy a sexual partner despite size spectrum difficulties. It is important to a person’s well-being to lead a healthy sex life.