Nuzena Review – Is It a Premium Health Supplements Brand?

Nuzena is a brand of all-natural supplements that offer benefits for sexual functioning and multiple other aspects of health and immunity.
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In this comprehensive review, we meticulously appraise the distinguished brand Nuzena, delving into the efficacy and safety of its wide array of health and wellness supplements.

Our thorough analysis revolves around discerning the veracity of claims regarding their capability to enhance sexual functioning, support prostate health, fortify the immune system, and more. We scrutinize the active ingredients through the lens of scientific research, inclusive of studies such as those by Sedigheh Ahmadi, M.Sc., and others, which corroborate the impactful role of antioxidants on male fertility and wellness.

In due course, we will contrast Nuzena’s offerings with competing brands to underscore its uniqueness, notably its commitment to cruelty-free and vegan-friendly 100% organic formulas devoid of common allergens and harmful additives. We will examine the brand’s consumer feedback, detailing unsponsored testimonials to present a transparent portrayal of the brand’s standing among its users.

Our objective evaluation aims to equip our readers with a galvanized understanding of Nuzena’s product line viability, helping you make an informed decision about incorporating these supplements into your health regimen.

What is Nuzena?

Leading health and wellness supplement brand Nuzena offers a large line of products that contain 100% pure, natural bioactive ingredients. The blends offer benefits like improving sexual functioning, supporting prostate health, strengthening the immune system, enhancing digestion, easing joint and muscle pain, and more.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Registered pharmacist and certified nutrition Lara Zakaria, PharmD explains why some people may consider adding supplements to their routine:

In a perfect world, we’d be able to get all our nutrient requirements from our diet. However, there are lot of reasons why that might not always be possible. Sometimes life happens, and our diets may be inconsistent. It can be hard to eat perfectly every day [1].


Editor’s Rating
4.8 / 5.0
Nuzena Reviewer Rating

Brand Highlights

  • The formulas are free of hormones, GMOs, gluten, dairy sugar, and soy.
  • The brand and supplements are completely cruelty-free.
  • Nuzena supplements are suitable for vegan diets.

Official Website*All the prices mentioned on their websites are subject to change.


  • Form: Capsules
  • Type: Organic health and wellness supplements
  • Brand: Nuzena
  • Contact: Email:
    Phone: +1 (855) 888 4151
    Contact Page
  • Address: Nuzena LLC, 2215 N Beachwood Drive Apt 201, Los Angeles, 90068, United States
  • Key Ingredients: Chlorella, Bovine Collagen Peptides, Omega 3s, Ashwagandha, Beetroot Powder, Lion’s Mane Mushroom, Berberine

Pros and Cons of Nuzena


  • Nuzena supplements can elevate libido and sexual stamina.
  • The products can promote harder, stronger erections.
  • Nuzena supplements can support a healthy prostate gland.
  • This brand boosts overall health and immune system function.
  • Nuzena products can improve reproductive health and fertility.


  • The results may vary depending on the product and user.
  • High demand could lead to low stock at times.
  • There is no free shipping offer for international orders, only U.S. residents.

How Does Nuzena Rate?

Feature Rating
Ingredients 4.7/5
Manufacturer 4.7/5
Safety 4.8/5
Customer Reviews 4.4/5

How Does Nuzena Work?

There are multiple supplements in the Nuzena line, all of which are rich in nutrients are offer different benefits depending on the formula. All are high in anti-inflammatory agents that decrease swelling in the body, speed up healing, and support prostate health by helping to decrease symptoms of enlargement.

Most of the Nuzena formulas are rich in free radical-killing antioxidants that lower oxidative stress, supporting a strong immune system and body-wide healing.

An evidence-based review published in the International Journal of Reproductive BioMedicine by Sedigheh Ahmadi, M.Sc. et al concluded that antioxidant supplementation may improve semen parameters in men [2].


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

The men’s health supplements contain ingredients that boost levels of testosterone in the body, which increases sexual libido, builds muscle mass and strength, boosts energy levels, and promotes fat and weight loss. It may also help with erectile dysfunction.

An examination of past studies published in Reviews in Endocrine and Metabolic Disorders by Giovanni Corona and Mario Maggi found some support for the benefits of testosterone in improving male sexual function [3].

These supplements also increase levels of nitric oxide in the body, improving circulation and vasodilation. The added blood flow to the penis promotes harder, stronger erections for improvement in erectile dysfunction, as we said in our review of Boostaro.

A review published in the International Journal of Impotence Research by A L Burnett examined the means through which nitric oxide signaling regulates erectile functioning [4].

Some of the ingredients in the men’s health Nuzena supplement improve sperm quality, motility, and viability for enhanced fertility and reproductive health.

Top Products

Ashwagandha Pure +Official Website*All the prices mentioned on their websites are subject to change.

#1: Ashwagandha Pure +

Ashwagandha Pure+ is an organic supplement that provides powerful support for mental health, stress relief, and thyroid function. Made with ashwagandha and pepper extracts known for their purity and bioavailability,  it brings various advantages for both the body and mind.

It supports thyroid health as well. Ashwagandha also enhances synaptic plasticity to aid mood, memory recall, and sleep quality. Manufactured in an FDA-registered facility, Ashwagandha Pure+ is a natural solution that targets stress, anxiety, and thyroid concerns at its source.

Ashwagandha Pure+ is an effective daily wellness essential for anyone seeking to optimize mental performance and resilience through adaptogenic support

Benefits: Eases Anxiety Linked to Stress, Supports a Healthy Thyroid, and Promotes Mood and Mental Well-being

Ingredients: Organic Ashwagandha, Organic Black Peppe


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Price: $35


  • Organic Supplement: Ashwagandha Pure+ is made from organic ingredients, which may appeal to individuals who prioritize natural products.
  • Mental Health Support: The supplement offers support for mental health, including stress relief and mood enhancement, potentially providing relief for individuals dealing with these issues.
  • Thyroid Function: Ashwagandha Pure+ supports thyroid health, which can be beneficial for individuals with thyroid concerns or imbalances.
  • Enhanced Synaptic Plasticity: The enhancement of synaptic plasticity may lead to improvements in mood, memory recall, and sleep quality, offering comprehensive cognitive benefits.
  • FDA-Registered Facility: The fact that it is manufactured in an FDA-registered facility may provide assurance of quality and safety standards.


  • Potential Side Effects: Like any supplement, there may be potential side effects or interactions with other medications, which should be considered before use.
  • Cost: Organic supplements can sometimes be more expensive compared to non-organic alternatives, which may be a drawback for some consumers.

Prostate Support +Official Website*All the prices mentioned on their websites are subject to change.

#2: Prostate Support +

Nuzena Prostate Support+ is a genuine formula specifically designed by healthcare professionals to support prostate and urinary health in men. Using highly absorbable ingredients, it provides relief from bladder discomfort and assists healthy flow. Prostate issues can be early signs of infection, and this formula supports overall prostate wellness.

Containing saw palmetto, vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts that are researched-backed, Prostate Support+ targets health from multiple angles. It also works with other nutrients to decrease discomfort. This formula maintains prostate function for daily comfort.

Prostate Support+ nourishes the gland with antioxidants that protect against oxidative stress and inflammation over time. Any man seeking to optimize prostate health naturally can benefit from its targeted support.

Benefits: Supports Prostate Health Naturally, Helps to Maintain Smooth Urinary Flow, and Ease Discomfort in the Bladder

Ingredients: Pygeum Africanum Powder, Saw Palmetto, Vitamin E

Price: $45


  • Genuine Formula: Prostate Support+ is formulated by healthcare professionals, suggesting a level of expertise and credibility in its design.
  • Specific Design: It is specifically designed to support prostate and urinary health in men, addressing a common concern among aging males.
  • Highly Absorbable Ingredients: The use of highly absorbable ingredients enhances the effectiveness of the supplement, potentially ensuring better results.
  • Relief from Bladder Discomfort: The supplement provides relief from bladder discomfort, which can significantly improve quality of life for those experiencing such symptoms.
  • Research-backed Ingredients: The inclusion of saw palmetto, vitamins, minerals, and plant extracts that are researched-backed suggests a scientific basis for the formulation’s effectiveness.


  • Individual Variability: As with any supplement, the effectiveness of Prostate Support+ may vary from person to person based on factors such as individual physiology and underlying health conditions.
  • Potential Side Effects: There may be potential side effects or interactions with other medications, particularly since it contains various active ingredients.

Men's 50+ SupportOfficial Website*All the prices mentioned on their websites are subject to change.

#3: Men’s 50+ Support

Men’s 50+ Support is a natural daily supplement developed by healthcare professionals to provide essential vitamin and mineral support for active men over 50. It strengthens the body with nutrients that promote joint mobility and prostate health as we age. The proprietary blend contains plant extracts scientifically shown to boost immunity and energy levels for an active lifestyle.

As men reach 50, they are more at risk for nutrient deficiencies that can impact health and mobility. Men’s 50+ Support fills gaps to ensure optimal absorption of vitamins D, E, B12, and more. Key ingredients support joint and prostate function to maintain daily confidence.

It provides a comprehensive solution for the whole body needs of aging men. Men’s 50+ Support helps users tackle each day with specialized nutritional support for maximum well-being.

Benefits: Promotes Healthy Joints and Movement, Backs Up Prostate Health Naturally, and Provides Necessary Vitamins and Minerals

Ingredients: Vitamin A,B1, B3, B6, B12, L-Arginine L-Tyrosine BioPerine

Price: $45


  • Essential Vitamin and Mineral Support: Men’s 50+ Support provides essential vitamins and minerals for active men over 50, helping to fill nutrient gaps that may occur with age.
  • Promotes Joint Mobility and Prostate Health: The supplement strengthens the body with nutrients that promote joint mobility and prostate health, addressing common concerns for aging men.
  • Boosts Immunity and Energy Levels: The proprietary blend contains plant extracts scientifically shown to boost immunity and energy levels, supporting an active lifestyle.
  • Optimal Absorption of Nutrients: Men’s 50+ Support fills nutrient gaps to ensure optimal absorption of key vitamins D, E, B12, and more, enhancing overall health and well-being.
  • Comprehensive Solution for Aging Men: It provides a comprehensive solution for the whole body needs of aging men, addressing multiple aspects of health and wellness.


  • Potential Side Effects: As with any supplement, there may be potential side effects or interactions with other medications, particularly since it contains various active ingredients.
  • Dependency: Relying solely on supplements for overall health may overlook the importance of other lifestyle factors such as diet, exercise, and regular medical check-ups.
  • Cost: The cost of Men’s 50+ Support may be a consideration for some individuals, especially if it is not covered by insurance and needs to be purchased regularly for long-term use.

Men’s Vitality Support +Official Website*All the prices mentioned on their websites are subject to change.

#4: Men’s Vitality Support +

Nuzena Men’s Vitality Support+ is a simple supplement that provides targeted support for male vitality and wellness. This supplement supports blood flow, testosterone, prostate health, and mood through time-tested herbal ingredients.

Its key ingredients are horny goat weed and saw palmetto which have a history of boosting libido and reducing erectile issues naturally. It also has Muira puama root that helps manage stress and fatigue with antioxidant properties. These ingredients can also aid digestion and prostate symptoms.

Men’s Vitality Support+ formula gives men the drive and vitality needed for an active lifestyle through its comprehensive support for reproductive, prostate, and mood health.

Benefits: Boosts Libido, Healthy Prostate and Testosterone Levels, and Mood Support

Ingredients: Horny Goat Weed, Maca Root Powder, Saw Palmetto Berry Powder, Tongkat Ali Root Powder

Price: $45.00


  • Targeted Support for Male Vitality and Wellness: Nuzena Men’s Vitality Support+ provides targeted support for male vitality and wellness, addressing key aspects such as blood flow, testosterone, prostate health, and mood.
  • Time-tested Herbal Ingredients: The supplement contains time-tested herbal ingredients like horny goat weed, saw palmetto, and Muira puama root, known for their historical use in boosting libido, reducing erectile issues, managing stress and fatigue, and aiding digestion and prostate symptoms.
  • Comprehensive Support: Men’s Vitality Support+ offers comprehensive support for reproductive, prostate, and mood health, providing men with the drive and vitality needed for an active lifestyle.
  • Natural Solutions: The supplement offers natural solutions for male vitality and wellness, potentially appealing to those seeking alternatives to pharmaceutical interventions.
  • Well-Researched Ingredients: Key ingredients like horny goat weed and saw palmetto have been studied for their effects on libido, erectile function, prostate health, and mood, suggesting a scientific basis for the supplement’s efficacy.


  • Cost: The cost of Men’s Vitality Support+ may be a consideration for some individuals, especially if it needs to be purchased regularly for long-term use.
  • Regulatory Oversight: While the supplement may claim to support various aspects of male health, it’s important to ensure it meets regulatory standards and is manufactured in a reputable facility.

Nuzena Ingredients

These are some of the primary active Nuzena ingredients:


This is an amino acid that heightens the production of nitric oxide in the body, improving circulation and vasodilation. The added flow of blood to the penis helps alleviate erectile dysfunction by promoting harder, stronger erections.

A 3-month study of men with vasculogenic erectile dysfunction published in the Journal of Endocrinological Investigation by D Menafra, et al concluded that supplementation with l-arginine significantly improved penile erections [5].


This is the Withania Somnifera plant, as we said in our review of Essential Elements T-Hero, as it can increase levels of testosterone in the body. It boosts sexual libido and stamina, improves exercise performance, builds muscle, and increases energy levels. This herb also improves mood, lowers anxiety, and sharpens cognitive functioning.

An 8-week study on adult men published in Health Science Reports by Sanjaya Chauhan, et al concluded that supplementation with ashwagandha heightened testosterone levels and improved sexual well-being [6].

Panax Ginseng Root

This plant has potent bioactive agents and antioxidants that support a strong immune system, improve semen quality and viability to enhance male fertility, lower stress and anxiety, and more. It boosts the production of nitric oxide, for improved circulation to the pens and harder erections.

A 60-day study of male rats in the Journal of Reproductive Systems by M. S. Fahim, et al found that ginseng supplementation increased testosterone and decreased prostate weight [7].


Q. Where Can You Buy Nuzena?

You can purchase Nuzena from a few online retailers like Amazon, but your best bet is to buy from the official website directly. They offer great deals, 15% off for subscriptions, and free U.S. shipping for orders over $50. These are the prices of some of the best supplements:

  • Men’s Vitality Support – $45
  • Prostate Support – $45
  • Men’s 50 + Support – $45
  • Elderberry Pure – $35
  • Probiotic Gut Boost 40 – $45
  • MCT Pure – $35
  • Beetroot Boost – $35

Q. Is Nuzena Safe?

The Nuzena brand has a reputation for making safe, quality, 100% organic supplements that are free of chemical or artificial additives, hormones, GMOs, dairy, gluten, soy, and sugar. They are safely manufactured, and laboratory tested, cruelty- free, and vegan friendly. In addition, there are no serious potential side effects associated with Nuzena supplements.

Q. What is the Return Policy?

The company offers a 30-day return policy for sealed, unopened bottles only. If you change your mind about the order, get in touch with customer service and send the bottles back within 30 days of the order date. You should get a full refund of the purchase price.

Q. What Makes Nuzena Unique from Competing Brands?

They call themselves the world’s cleanest supplements, and the brand does develop blends that are 100% pure and organic and free of toxins and common allergens. In our opinion, Nuzena is one of the leading health supplement brands on the market.

Q. Who Should Buy Nuzena Supplements?

Nuzena offers a wide selection of supplements for numerous concerns, including men’s and women’s health, joint support, eye health, immune functioning, digestion, and more. They are ideal for anyone looking for a high-quality, natural solution.

How We Researched & Rated

Here is our score, based on scientific evidence, of how likely Nuzena will be effective for its claimed benefits:

  • Boosts Sexual Libido4.5/5
  • Promotes Harder Erections4.7/5
  • Improves Fertility4.6/5
  • Strengthens the Immune System4.5/5

We used the insights from our research and testing to assign a star rating from one to five (five being the best; one being the worst) to this product.

What Do the Reviews Say?

Our rating of Nuzena is a very high 4.65 out of 5 stars, as we consider it a leading brand of natural supplements with very clean formulations. The products contain ingredients with research support for their health benefits and have no serious side effects.

Overall, the reviews for most of the Nuzena supplements are very enthusiastic about the potent health benefits, the reasonable prices, and the great customer service. There are positive reviews of the brand and products on the official website.

One of the top 5-star reviews for Men’s Vitality Support comes from Eric Kostoris, who says it has really fired up his workout performance:

The ingredients actually have a lot of benefits for guys in general, I have been using this and it is helping with my motivation to go to the gym and stuff.

There are reviews of several of the Nuzena products on Amazon and most of the total ratings fall between 4 and 5 out of 5 stars. Users give the Men’s 50 Support 4.3 out of 5 stars, and 45 people rate Saffron Super Spice 4 stars.

User Frenchsilk gives the supplement 5 stars, explaining:

Good. Easy to swallow, no aftertaste.” One of the most critical comments 1-star comments is from D.H, who experienced mild side effects: “Made me feel nauseous. Not all vitamins are for everyone. This just probably didn’t agree with me.


In conclusion, as we’ve said, we think that Nuzena is a leading health supplement brand. The products contain a selection of pure organic blends with potent bioactive ingredients, offering benefits like strengthening the immune system, balancing hormones, improving sexual functioning, and more.

The vast majority of the Nuzena reviews on the official website and on Amazon spoke enthusiastically about the brand and its benefits for multiple aspects of health, including enhancing libido, sexual functioning, and fertility. Most customers say the supplements are reasonably priced and more than worth it.

Nuzena supplements contain 100% organic ingredients and are free of hormones, GMOs, artificial or chemical additives, dairy, gluten, soy, and sugar. They are safely manufactured, high quality, and have no serious potential side effects. We highly recommend Nuzena as a leading natural health supplement brand.

With countless male enhancement supplements available on the market today it seems impossible to find "the right one." Sexual performance declines naturally as men age, which may contribute to feelings of inadequacy or embarrassment. Male enhancement supplements should be based on four key factors: active ingredients, ability to support sexual stamina, enhance arousal, improved* sexual desire and backed by clinical studies.

Below you'll find some of the most effective male enhancement supplements on the market today, in our opinion.

Rating Table

Our Top Male Enhancement Supplements



Erecprime Overall rating 4.9/5 Overall rating Read Full Review
  • Enhances Stamina and EnduranceRating 5
  • Boosts Libido NaturallyRating 5
  • Increases Size and Enlarged GirthRating 5
  • Improves Overall Sexual HealthRating 5


  • It is 100% natural, plant-based, non-GMO supplement
  • Helps to increase sperm concentration and motility
  • The formula is non-addictive and easy to swallow
  • The supplement may help fight harmful free radicals in the body


  • Results may vary for different users depending on their health status
  • ErecPrime is available on the official page, and the original supplement is not available elsewhere
  • Effects may vary from person to person
Bottom Line

ErecPrime is a natural male enhancement supplement designed to improve erection quality, boost performance, and enhance sexual health in men. The supplement contains 8 potent ingredients that are added in the right amounts to deliver benefits such as improved erection, increased vitality, stamina, and strength.

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Performer 8

Performer 8 Overall rating 4.9/5 Overall rating Read Full Review
  • Increase Sexual StaminaIncrease Sexual Stamina
  • Improves Sexual StrengthImproves Sexual Strength
  • Increase Natural TestosteroneIncrease Natural Testosterone
  • Increase Sperm VolumeIncrease Sperm Volume


  • Helps in regaining sexual enjoyment.
  • Reinvigorates & re-energises the sexual drive.
  • Satisfactory sexual experience with orgasms.
  • Rock hard and long-lasting erections.


  • Only available on the official website.
  • Not suitable for women and young boys.
Bottom Line

Performer 8's herbal complex works in 8 powerful ways to help men revitalize their sexual stamina, strength, and vitality— no prescription necessary. Shop Performer 8 Pills Dietary Supplement for Men (1 Pack) online at best prices on their official website.

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VigRX Plus

VigRX Plus Overall rating 4.8/5 Overall rating Read Full Review
  • Harder and Firm ErectionsHarder and Firm Erections
  • Improve Sexual StaminaImprove Sexual Stamina
  • Boost Sexual DesireBoost Sexual Desire
  • Helps Improve EnduranceHelps Improve Endurance


  • Safe formula for promoting length, girth and strength.
  • Boosts energy levels.
  • Enhances testosterone production.
  • Faster recovery from sexual encounters.
  • Satisfied sexual experience.


  • Continued use is required for best results.
  • May interact with other medications.
Bottom Line

VigRX Plus Male Virility Supplement is great for men that want to enhance their erection size and performance. VigRX will help you experience bigger, harder and longer lasting erections, an increased sex drive, more powerful and intense orgasms and less waiting between erections.

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Cilexin Overall rating 4.8/5 Overall rating Read Full Review
  • Supports Arousal and MoodSupports Arousal and Mood
  • Supports Male HealthSupports Male Health
  • Supports Male LibidoSupports Male Libido
  • Sexual Health SupportSexual Health Support


  • Made of natural ingredients.
  • Boost sexual desire and performance.
  • Increase stamina and endurance.
  • Stimulate the circulation of blood.


  • Stock is sometimes low due to high consumer demand.
  • Individual results may vary.
Bottom Line

Cilexin is made in the US within an FDA registered facility that strictly adheres to Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) guidelines. Ingredients are high-quality domestic and imported. Each bottle of Cilexin includes 60 tablets. This is equivalent to a 1-month supply when used as directed.

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Extenze Overall rating 4.7/5 Overall rating Read Full Review
  • Long-lasting ErectionsLong-lasting Erections
  • Sexual Stamina and EnergySexual Stamina and Energy
  • Increase Sexual DesireIncrease Sexual Desire
  • Stronger and Bigger ErectionsStronger and Bigger Erections


  • Boost libido and endurance at their peak.
  • Promote sexual arousal.
  • Enhances pleasure and performance.
  • Fast acting extended release liquid gelcaps.


  • Individual results may vary.
  • May not suitable for everyone.
Bottom Line

The power of ExtenZe formulated with increased testosterone support for men, extenze with testosterone boost is designed to restore and revitalize your manhood.

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