Obesity a Cause of Erectile Dysfunction in Men

One of the most devastating things a man can face is erectile dysfunction. Not only is there concern about his physical health, he also feels inadequate and uncomfortable. It can lead to an entirely different dynamic in the bedroom. So what causes ED in men? It varies. Different men experience different problems. Chances are good every man will experience this problem at some point, but for some, it is an ongoing problem. Though there are a variety of different causes, excess body weight is one of the most common. Men who are overweight or obese are more likely to experience erectile dysfunction.

The best thing to do is to lose weight. Obviously this is easier said than done. Begin an exercise program and start making smart diet choices. Gradually the weight is going to come off. However there are other medical concerns you might need to consider that are related to being overweight. Men who are overweight experience hormone imbalance and this can lead to ED. The weight wreaks havoc on their systems and it results in hormone shifts that cause the most damage in the bedroom.

Another way ED and weight are related is self esteem. Anyone who is overweight knows it can affect how they feel about themselves. This is not a gender problem, although many people think women suffer from it more than men. The truth is men feel just as self conscious about their bodies, especially when it comes to being intimate. When you are feeling bad about yourself, it is tough to perform sexually. Women often lose interest in sex when feeling uncomfortable with their bodies. Lucky for them it is less noticeable than when men suffer the same problem. Many ED problems are not directly related to health problems. Worrying about your body can lead to erectile dysfunction.

The good news is ED caused by obesity is one of the easiest ED problems to fix. You will not have to have a perfect body to enjoy sex. Every little bit of weight loss will help. If you begin to exercise it will increase your energy and stamina. You will see changes in your body and as you begin to feel better, you will regain interest in sex. Your thoughts will be more positive, which means your body will respond better when you start thinking about sex. Over time, you will be healthier and ED will no longer be a concern.