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One common issue that is faced by men is the lack, or the decrease, of testosterone in their body. There are several reasons behind this, but aging is one of the most common. When the production of testosterone in the body starts to decrease, other capabilities of a man is also affected, including capability to perform to the maximum, as well as in satisfying their partners in bed.

The good news is that, these days, there are products which have been designed to address this issue. One such product is Opti-Tribulus. It is a male enhancement supplement which provides support to the body’s capacity to produce testosterone. As a result, it helps in losing weight, gaining muscle mass, as well as other sexual functions.

Claims and Features – What You Need To Know?


Opti-Tribulus is a product manufactured by a company named PharmaMuscle. The company has been in the industry for years, producing a wide range of products focused on physical enhancement. The formulation of this product depends on one particular ingredient which offers any user with the benefits promoted.

As claimed in the product’s official website, Opti-Tribulus supports the body’s natural process of testosterone synthesis within the body. Even though there were no presented scientific studies that explain how this is made possible, the list of ingredients shown made it possible for some users to look into the capabilities of each ingredients.

For example, it has been found that saponins have the capacity to increase the amount of a certain hormone that stimulates follicles. It has also been reported that it also has the potential to increase production of luteinizing hormone. When either of the two hormones are produced at an increased rate, the level of testosterone produced is also increased.

What are The Ingredients In OPTI-TRIBULUS?

Here is the main ingredient in OPTI-TRIBULUS:

  • Tribulus Terrestris – this ingredient comes from a plant harvested for its active substances. It has been explained as seen in studies that it is used by body builders because it contains a huge concentration of saponin protodioscin, which is a nutrient that offers a wide range of benefits for any man.

    Aside from the effects of tribulus terrestris on testosterone, it also offers several other uses. In fact, it is known to treat infertility issues, as well as in reducing the effects of aging, while improving blood circulation and supporting heart health as a whole.

  • OPTI-TRIBULUS Benefits

    Here are some of the benefits of OPTI-TRIBULUS:

    • Contains a huge concentration of tribulus terrestris, which is known to improve levels of testosterone in a short period of time.
    • The saponin content may contribute to both blood and heart health, as well as in improving circulation of blood in the body.
    • Relatively affordable, as it also includes a one-month supplement supply.
    • The ingredient is an organic plant extract while being absent of harmful substances

    OPTI-TRIBULUS Drawbacks

    Here are some of the drawbacks of OPTI-TRIBULUS:

    • The manufacturer only listed a single ingredient, which may not be completely effective
    • Monitored studies show that the effects of the ingredients may be effective, but does not last long.
    • There is a tendency that the product may only be effective when combined together with frequent exercise other physical activities.

    How Should You Take OPTI-TRIBULUS?

    A bottle of Opti-Tribulus contains 90 capsules, good for 1 month. This means that three capsules per day is recommended. However, there is no instructions on the dose, as well as the time per dose. As such, it is recommended for potential customers to refer to the label of the product for specific instructions.

    What are The Possible Side Effects Of OPTI-TRIBULUS?

    As a product that uses all natural ingredients, there are no adverse side effects that are associated in the use of Opti-Tribulus. However, if as a user, you encounter any issues while taking this product, it is recommended to stop using this product, and discuss your options with your physician.

    Where Can You Buy OPTI-TRIBULUS?

    Opti-Tribulus is a product that is available for purchase from the official website. There are also some retailers that sell this product online. Therefore, there is also a possibility that the price may vary according to the retailer, including other conditions included in the sale.

    The Bottom Line

    Opti-Tribulus, as a testosterone support formulation, is developed to offer the body support to help in optimizing testosterone levels within the bloodstream. The product mainly depends on a single ingredient, tribulus terrestris extract that achieves the benefit that the product offers. With the ingredient used in this product, it has been found to be very effective. However, it is found to be more effective and well-suited for men who frequently work out. As a product that is manufactured by a reputable company, along with the inclusion of ingredients,Opti-Tribulus is a very promising product.

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