Overcoming Premature Ejaculation

by Nick Swanson

Overcoming Premature Ejaculation

Sexual function is a complicated business that can run the gamut from the healthy to the bizarre. Healthy sexual activities are a pretty subjective term; what is normal for one person may be distasteful to another. While there are many factors involved in a physical relationship and the satisfaction levels of the parties involved, some ailments may prevent anyone from achieving the top of their form. One of the most sought after remedies involves overcoming premature ejaculation. It is an established medical fact that women usually take far longer to achieve orgasm than their male partners. Sometimes, that is a problem.

Caring partners try in many ways to please one another during intimate sexual contact. Unfortunately, not everyone is made the same way, and what may seem like a lengthy encounter to a man is not enough to bring his partner to climax. If a man is unable to stop himself from climaxing, he may need to look into ways of overcoming premature ejaculation. Some of the more commonly used methods include antidepressants, sexual therapy and delaying techniques before and during intercourse. Antidepressants will require a prescription from a doctor, while information about delaying techniques can be found in books or online.

Just as it takes two to enjoy a good quality sexual encounter, it also takes two to find ways of overcoming premature ejaculation. The causes for the problem will vary from person to person, and a team effort will probably be required to fix it. Many couples see a marked improvement in performance after an initial adjustment period. The woman needs to understand the delicate psychological balance of a man’s self esteem and erectile issues, and as such, needs to be supportive and positive in her efforts to find methods to prolong his climax. Experiment to see what works best.

A frank discussion may be in order to decide upon the boundaries of satisfaction for each person. Communication is probably the most important factor in overcoming premature ejaculation. The man will find himself able to relax and experiment with different sexual delaying tactics if he knows that there will be no criticism of his performance. The ability to delay orgasm may take some time to acquire; the more the couple practices, the more likely will be the outcome will be successful for both parties involved. In addition, frequent sexual encounters can often help the man build up his resistance to premature climax.