Overview of Sexual Enhancement Products

by Nick Swanson

There are a variety of sexual enhancement products being sold today, each of them promising to work wonders for your penis size, sexual stamina, libido, and more. But with so many sexual enhancement products making huge claims that they can’t really back up, it’s good that you understand the truth about them. While some sexual enhancement products do seem to have some real benefits, others are designed to do nothing more than take your money. And since scientific research into many of these products is limited, sorting out the different options and what they’re really capable of can be more than a little difficult.

Overview of Sexual Enhancement Products

Sex pills or penis pills are two of the more common Sexual Enhancement Products. The push for natural herbal remedies is bigger than ever, and these try to capitalize on that by offering an herbal way to boost your sexual abilities. Like most sexual enhancement products, these pills often make exaggerated claims. The penis is made up of three chambers which fill with blood during an erection, and some of these sexual enhancement products include ingredients that can increase the blood entering the penis and provide you with larger erections. They can’t improve its flaccid size, however.

As for the sex pills promising improved libido, better orgasms, and longer stamina, these sexual enhancement products haven’t been tested by the FDA so their claims are somewhat doubtful. But they do include various ingredients that have been show to boost sexual desire and relax blood vessels, such as saw palmetto, ginseng, and ginkgo. Each person’s results from these Sexual Enhancement Products differs, and while some experience major benefits from them others fail to ever notice any effects at all. There are additional sexual enhancement products that don’t utilize pills or supplements, and these may have results at enlarging your penis slightly.

Penis extenders and pumps are sexual enhancement products that promise to lengthen your penis. Pumps claim to work by engorging the penis with blood and helping promote cellular growth within the chambers of the penis. While those claims haven’t been proven, there are studies that have found that these sexual enhancement products added slight length to the penis. Extenders place stretching pressure on the penis for extended periods of time and claim to create ‘micro tears’ that trigger healing growth in the penis. Like pumps, studies have found that these sexual enhancement products do work to add length, although the only studies thus far have been performed on men with notably small penises.