Pasak Bumi Ingredients – Worth For Enhancing Sexual Performance

by Cheryl Powers

The ingredient Pasak Bumi is likely more well-known to consumers as ‘Tongkat Ali’ and is commonly used as part of a male enhancement product. Usually it is included with other ingredients to maximize its overall effect, but on its own it does have a number of benefits to male and female health. Products containing Pasak Bumi are sold without a Drug and often through the internet which is why it is important that the consumer knows exactly what to look for before making a purchase. In addition to the quality of the ingredient varying, the quantity in which it’s included in the formula can differ too. The best products contain Pasak Bumi at a concentration of 1:200, although it can be added at 1:50 in lesser brands. Again, the price of the product will also vary and it may cost anywhere from $49.99 for a one month supply to as much as over $100.00 in some cases.

Pasak Bumi

Pasak Bumi has a number of benefits in addition to being good for enhancing overall sexual performance. In particular it helps make Testosterone more available in the system by supporting the levels of the sex hormone while also decreasing the production of female dominant chemicals. supporting Testosterone can not only benefit men’s virility and stamina but also help with weight control and supported muscle mass. By stimulating the Luteinizing hormones in the body the testes produce more testosterone and it is thought that sperm production also supports for added virility. There is not a great deal of clinical research to show how well Pasak Bumi performs in humans, but it has been quite extensively tested on lab rats, where it did appear to enhance their sexual characteristics.

For those wishing to use Pasak Bumi as a sexual performance aid, it would be advised that they check with their health care provider first, especially if there are other health concerns present. Pasak Bumi has not been known to have any negative side effects and should not cause allergies due to its antihistamine properties.

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