Good Health Can Prevent Penile Dysfunction

by Nick Swanson

Good Health Can Prevent Penile Dysfunction
Penile Dysfunction is also known as erectile dysfunction. It involves a man’s inability to become fully erect, or if able to get an erection, being unable to keep it erect for the duration of intercourse. Both psychological and physical problems can cause penile dysfunction. In order to be diagnosed with this condition, you must visit with your doctor. A physician can order a physical examination, and any other tests he thinks may be needed to determine a physical cause for impotence. If the doctor finds no physical reasons for this dysfunction, you may be referred to a psychologist or therapist.

The erection is a surprisingly complex series of events. Stimulation causes the chemicals in the brain to send messages through the spinal cord and into the vascular system. Simply put, when a man becomes erect, blood flows into the spongy tissue of the penis until it becomes erect and hard. Generally, it will remain erect until climax has been achieved. Penile dysfunction can be caused by interference to any single component of this complex system. Tumors, sleepiness, worries, heart problems, diabetes, or even just improper vitamins in the diet can all cause a breakdown, either temporarily or permanently, in the system.

A physician who has diagnosed a case of penile dysfunction will want to check the nerve response in the body to ensure that it works properly. The use of ultrasound to monitor the functions of the penis is another common test. Occasionally, it may be suggested that the patient with erectile dysfunction be watched for erections during their sleep. If normal erections are seen at this time, the problems of impotence may be more psychological than physical. An MRI is a high quality way to observe all the physical aspects of erection function, but many doctors use this test last.

Some men that are diagnosed as having Penile dysfunction chose to receive penile implants, or use an inflatable penis pump. A simpler treatment involves the use of specific medications that stimulate blood flow and libido. Some methods on the market have FDA approval, and some do not. Follow the advice of a trusted physician before turning to alternative methods. It may be important to rule out a health disorder that could be causing impotence. If you have not seen a doctor for your penile dysfunction, you could miss a chance to find a potentially dangerous ailment and receive treatment in time.