Penile Enlargement – How to Make Your Penis Larger

by Nick Swanson

Whether you are disappointed with the size of your penis, or wish that you could gain a few inches, consider using penile enlargement techniques. These techniques are proven methods that make your penis look bigger than ever. The best part of using penile enlargement techniques and that the methods are completely safe. You can rest assured that not only do you see results, but that you see results quickly. Some penile enlargement methods begin showing results within a few days, while others keep working after months.

Penile Enlargement

The average size of a penis in the United States is roughly five to seven inches long when erect. When the penis is flaccid, or in a resting state, the penis is smaller, at approximately three to five inches. Using penile enlargement, you can easily gain a few inches, making your penis bigger than average. Increasing your penis size has a number of benefits. Not only do you feel better about yourself, but you feel better about your sex life. Even adding an inch to your overall size with penile enlargement techniques can give a marked improvement in your sex life. The longer your penis grows, the better you feel. You can even make your wife or significant other feel better about her sex life with penile enlargement techniques.

The average sex rate for a couple that lives together is two times a week. The number is slightly higher for couples that do not live together and slightly lower for married couples. By using penile enlargement methods, you can make you sex life soar and go well beyond the average rates. As your penis grows larger, you want to engage in intercourse more often. Some penile enlargement techniques even involve the use of your partner. Letting your partner rub cream or lotion on your penis, or involving her in stretching exercises turns penile enlargement methods into part of your regular foreplay.

penile enlargement creams use a mixture of natural ingredients and some even utilize synthetic compounds that mimic the natural testosterone and hormones found in the male body. The first time you use the cream, it slowly absorbs into the skin. With repeated use, the ingredients work their way into the blood stream and change the way your body reacts. Creams designed for penile enlargement increase both length and width. Whether you use a cream or another method of penile enlargement, you should see results within a few months, if not a few short weeks.