What Is Penile Prosthesis And Does It Really Work?

Those looking for the most surefire method of penis enlargement have a number of different options, but in most cases the only one that will likely provide quick results is actually one that comes with numerous risks. A penile prosthesis is generally a last-resort option that is really intended to help overcome erectile dysfunction, and its ability to create a solid, respectable erection often leads to a larger, fuller appearance of the penis which can lead it to be classified as a type of penis enlargement in a way.

What Is Penile Prosthesis And Does It Really Work?

However, it’s not generally a first step for those suffering from a small penis or even from erectile dysfunction. Most doctors are hesitant to suggest it as an option for those who are suffering from ED, and it will hardly ever be suggested as an outright method of penis enlargement. For those who have had no luck with any kind of other ED treatment, and for those who have suffered accidental trauma to the penis or certain diseases that can impact penile health, the penile prosthesis is then considered.

Essentially, a penile prosthesis is a type of device that is inserted into the penis in order to create an erection. There are several different types of penile prosthesis options, and unlike a naturally occurring erection those who achieve erection with these can actually maintain an erection as long as they desire. A couple of the most common options include:

  • Rods – This is essentially a pair of rods that are malleable to some degree. They’re implanted inside the penis’ erection chambers and cause the penis to be semi erect at all times. When an erection is desired, the rods are lifted into the position one desires.
  • Inflatables – Inflatable or hydraulic prosthesis options are another choice. These are filled with fluid and are basically inflated whenever the wearer needs to achieve an erection, then deflated when no longer needed. These are easier to conceal and work for as long as a decade before replacement is needed.

Both options are worth considering, though the inflatable option is usually preferred by most doctors. Whichever is chosen, it’s important to remember that these devices are always a last resort measure. They involve very invasive surgery, long recovery times, and high financial costs as well as numerous risks. All other options for combating ED should be tried first and found to be unsuccessful. This is generally never considered to be an outright solution for enlarging the penis.