Penis Enhancement Exercises – Look Bigger Fast

by Nick Swanson

If looking bigger is your main goal in life, then try using penis enhancement exercises. Enhancement surgery is potential risky and is a highly invasive procedure that often involves a hospital stay before and afterwards. Natural remedies often work, but involve frequently massaging the penis with creams, or taking a natural supplement every day. Penis enhancement exercises are something you do every day, but work faster at providing results than supplements and work in more cases. You can even use penis enhancement exercises with your partner as foreplay before intercourse.

Penis Enhancement ExercisesPenis enhancement exercises include a massage technique that stimulates the penis and increases the size of the shaft. Start by wrapping your forefinger and thumb around the top of the penis. Count to 30 as you slowly pull down to the base. Release your hand, wiggle the penis back and forth. Use penis enhancement exercises of this type when you want a longer penis. You can increase the results of the penis enhancement exercises by using the exercise in combination with other types, including those that increase girth.

Girth penis enhancement exercises typically involve the kegel muscles. The kegel muscles are located near the penis. If you ever squeezed your muscles together to stop yourself from urinating, then you used your kegel muscles. The kegel penis enhancement exercises involve holding the penis with one hand at the shaft and pushing down, as if pushing your penis back into your body. Squeeze your kegel muscles for 30 seconds, as you keep pushing down. Release and take a deep breath as you slowly grasp the base of the penis and repeat. You can do these penis enhancement exercises several times a day for the best results, or use a once a day, depending on your available time.

The best penis enhancement exercises do not provide overnight results, but do increase the overall size of your penis. Most men notice results within the first few weeks of regular exercise and by the end of three months, men report a visible change. Penis enhancement exercises can increase girth by as much as double the original size and add up to four inches to overall size. For best results, you must use the exercises every day, or every other day. Using penis enhancement exercises three to five times a week will increase the results and give you the penis that you always wished that you had.