Penis Enlargement Device – Is There One that Works?

by Nick Swanson

For centuries, men have dreamed of enlarging their penis. Small penises can cause low levels of self-confidence and self-esteem and in extreme cases can actually contribute to depression and relationship problems. As a result, the market for supplements or devices has grown and many men have pondered purchasing a penis enlargement device at least for a moment. But is there actually a penis enlargement device on the market that works? And if there is, what can it actually do for you? Knowing the answers could help you decide if buying a Penis Enlargement Device is really worth your time and money.

Penis Enlargement Device

When you begin shopping for a penis enlargement device you’ll have several different options to choose from. One of the most well-known penis enlargement devices is known as a penis pump. This penis enlargement device slips over the penis and uses vacuum pressure to force blood into the penis and the glans, boosting size. It has been used traditionally for treating erectile dysfunction, but a study into ED found that as a side effect the men using the pump actually had slight increases in penis size as well. A second study found no significant enlargement, and penis enlargement reviews and few additional studies have been done concerning it.

Penis extenders are another type of penis enlargement device you might decide to investigate. This penis enlargement device essentially stretches the penis through constant, adjustable pressure. A handful of studies have shown that using it can actually add a half inch to an inch in penis size for some men, while others experience few effects. Penis weights are additional devices you might try, and the technique involves attaching them to the tip of the penis and allowing them to hang for a set period of time. Like extenders, some success has been found with using weights but more studies are needed to prove their effectiveness.

One thing to remember if you do buy a Penis Enlargement device is that in order to have even a slight chance of success with it you must use it regularly and as directed by the company. Skipping use can result in a lack of results. Also, a penis enlargement device simply won’t be effective for everyone. Each body is different, and the studies thus far suggest that some people have significant luck with a Penis Enlargement device while others have no luck at all. If you’re desperate for a bigger penis, however, these devices are among your best bets.