Using Inexpensive Remedies to Achieve Penis Enlargement in a Natural Way

Many men seem to feel a sense of inadequacy in regards to their penis size, despite the fact that statistics show that women care far less for length than for width. A group of clinical studies have established that women receive far greater sexual satisfaction from the larger girth than from longer length. This is due to the greater incidences of clitoral stimulation with a wider penis. However, many men have gone to a great deal of trouble to find a penis enlargement product that can engorge or lengthen their member in a natural way. These products should be approached with caution.

Men equate self-esteem with a large penis, and tend to underestimate the size of their own member in relation to their peers. The average size penis will hover around 5 inches. For those who either wish to have a larger penis for esteem reasons, or to give greater pleasure for a woman who has a looser vaginal wall, or even for those that have a micropenis, there is an entire industry that focuses on penis enlargement in a natural way. Some of the products have some scientific basis for success, while others are reminiscent of the snake oil salesmen of the past.

Some products that may offer penis enlargement in a natural way are well-known herbal remedies that increase the blood flow to the penis and surrounding areas. These include Damiana and Horny Goat Weed, just to name two. It is always best to check with a physician before starting any herbal remedies. The industry that produces the herbal penis enlargement pills may be exaggerating the results, or they may not. There is some basis for their use; increased blood flow to the penis can cause greater engorgement and can not exactly enlarge the penis itself, but enlarge the erection to its fullest extent.

A novel and inexpensive practice for penis enlargement in a natural way is to stretch the tissue on a daily basis. According to some of the practitioners of penis stretching, by pulling on the penile tissue for 15-20 seconds at a time several times a day, it is possible to stretch the tissue much like earlobes can be extended. However, it should be remembered that the blood flow still needs to be adequate to fill the penile reservoir; just stretching will cause a half-hearted erection. Keeping the cardiovascular system in top form during the exercises is a must to produce adequate results.