Penis Enlargement Risks & Benefits

by Nick Swanson

As men become more open about their sexual concerns, the subject male penis enlargement has now become mainstream. This is attributed largely to the fact that most men want to have a larger sex organ. They think that once they have a bigger penis, they will instantly be able to please their partners. There are many methods to achieve this common goal of men. Understanding the different routes towards achieving a bigger manhood will help men understand the different benefits and risks that come with these options.

Penile Devices

Penis Enlargement Risks & Benefits

One way to help a man achieve a larger penis is by using certain devices. It is believed that by using an extender, a device attached to the penis to stretch it is a popular way to lengthen the male organ. Some studies found moderate improvements in using extenders, but they still require further studies for it to be deemed as safe. There are many instances wherein these devices have led to damage of the male sex organ which have resulted to erectile dysfunction problems.

Penile Surgeries

One of the popular but controversial ways to help enlarge the penis is by going through penile surgery. There are several techniques to do this and they are invasive and can be very painful. For instance, fat can be removed from one part of the body and is then injected into the shaft. This process will improve penile length and girth. However, there are several risks that come with this procedure. Since fat is often reabsorbed into the body, the process may need to be repeated several times. Some men report their dissatisfaction with this technique because the penis tend to become asymmetrical in shape and they become more prone to erectile dysfunction.

Male Enhancement Products

These products are often believed to be the fastest and easiest way for male penis enlargement. The market today is full of pills, creams and lotion promising to help speed up the lengthening and widening of the penis. They can be made of synthetic or natural ingredients that can speed up the flow of blood towards the penile chambers, making it larger. However, if you are considering this option, you must educate yourself about the product’s effectiveness and possible side effects.

Before You Do It

Having a larger penis is a big deal for most men. Dealing with their “average” size every day can be frustrating and can wreak havoc on their sex lives. However, men should carefully consider their options, weigh the risks and benefits and talk to their partners before doing anything with their penis.

Lifestyle Changes

Men may also adopt some lifestyle changes in order to help them improve their sex organ’s size. By quitting smoking and not drinking too much alcoholic beverages, they are optimizing blood flow towards the penis making it a little larger in size when erect. Men who have medical conditions should also talk to their doctors before undergoing any surgery or taking any pill. The route for male penis enlargement you choose should benefit your sexual life but not ruin your health.