Penis Enlargement Tips – Getting the Penis You Want

The number one reason you would need penis enlargement tips is that you do not feel confident or comfortable with the size of your penis. Ask any man in private how he feels about the size of his package and the majority of respondents would say that they wished they were a few sizes bigger. Size is the type of issue that men do not want to discuss in public, let alone share penis enlargement tips. The sad thing is that most penis enlargement tips include simple things that you can do on your own, as well as products that are readily available.

One of the easiest penis enlargement tips is the use of exercises. Many people refer to the exercises as jelqing, which is a type of exercise native to parts of Africa and South American. These tribes were among the first to realize that the penis consists of individual tissues and fibers, rather than muscles. Using exercise penis enlargement tips is one way to change the size of your penis. The exercises often involve slow and strong rubbing of the penis. Rubbing the shaft down increases the length, while massaging the base can increase girth. Other penis enlargement tips involve the use of specialized products.

The pump is one of the more common products advertised for penis sizing problems. The pump uses suction, similar to a vacuum, which is why some refer to penis enlargement tips like this as a vacuum pump. You put your penis into a long cylinder and adjust the included pump. The pump creates the suction that lengthens your shaft. You can also find penis enlargement tips that swear by herbal supplements. The supplements increase shaft and girth within a few months. Some types of creams act as penis enlargement tips because the creams contain herbs and natural ingredients that change your penis size.

Using penis enlargement tips does more than just enlarge your penis. When you feel embarrassed or nervous about your penis size, you express that in the bedroom. The problem makes you less likely to initiate sex and when you do, you have problems getting an erection or you suffer from premature ejaculation. Some penis enlargement tips can make you feel better in the bedroom and improve self-esteem. You not only make yourself feel better, but make your partner feel better too. Once you find the best penis enlargement tips you might even find yourself sharing that information with friends.