Penis Enlargement: Does It Work – Methods & Safety You Must Know

In an article published on Women’s Health[1], Robin Hilmantel explains that a recent study concluded that a lot of men have unrealistic expectations when it comes to the size of their penis, especially during an erection.

A total of 173 men were surveyed, and 46 of these men also had their penises measured during the study. The study wanted to see how anxiety related to penis size actually corresponds to the actual size of the man’s penis.

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The results were quite alarming, as 30% of the men claim that they don’t have satisfaction with how big there are “down below” and that they desire to add more size to their erections.

A more alarming fact would be the fact that a lot of the men who are not happy with their penis size were having a penis size that was bigger than the average penis.

This particular study is just one of many that provide evidence of how society and especially the use of internet forums is placing unrealistic expectations on how large a man’s penis should really be. A lot of claims are made on these forums, such as that most men pack a 10 or 11-inch penis on average.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

This causes the average man with a smaller penis to become worried and anxious that they may have a small penis. In turn, these anxieties are causing a lot of men to seek out methods that may help them enlarge their penis; thus allowing them to match the penis size of those men that claim they have a significant blessing.

In this post, we would like to take a look at penis enlargement in general. We will discuss what the average male penis size really is, according to scientific studies and not by claims on internet forums. as well as look at what options men can turn to when they would like to enhance the size of their manhood.

We will also consider whether or not these techniques work, and finally consider some alternative ways men can boost their confidence in the bedroom without necessarily having to have their penis enlarged through an invasive surgical procedure.

The Average Male Penis Size

The Average Male Penis Size

Before we take a look at whether or not penis enlargement methods truly work and what particular options a man may opt for when it comes to trying to add some size to their erection, we first want to take a quick look at how big the average man’s penis really is.

Also, due to the fact that a lot of claims are there about men having extremely large penises on the internet, a lot of men think that they are not big enough “down there”.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

Healthline[2] explains that a recent study, which was published in the BJUI, also known as the British Journal of Urology International, provided more accurate information as to the average penis size.

The study considered the average male penis size by measuring both the flaccid and erect size amongst a large group of men. Both length and girth were measured during the study. The conclusions made by the study are as follow:

  • The average length of the male penis in a flaccid state is 3.61 inches.
  • Average girth of the male penis in a flaccid state is 3.66 inches.
  • The average length of the male penis when erect is 5.16 inches.
  • Average girth of the male penis when erect is 4.59 inches.

While a lot of men make claims about having a ten-inch erection, or sometimes even larger, it seems like many of these claims may be false. The average size of the male penis is much smaller as what a large number of men think it is, and realizing this is an important step into understanding why a penis enlargement process might not only be potentially harmful but also completely unnecessary in many cases.

Why Do Men Want To Make Their Penis Bigger

Why Do Men Want To Make Their Penis Bigger?

Now that we have discussed the average penis size, based on an actual scientific study. We should take a deeper look into why men want to make their penises bigger.

The truth behind this matter is most men who are considering penis enlargement already have a penis that ranks average or, as we have explained above, even larger than average. The most obvious reason why a man may want to opt for penis enlargement techniques would be because of today’s society.

When we browse the internet and take a look at internet forums that discuss sexual intercourse in general. Or perhaps male sexual problems, we often see men claiming that they are able to thoroughly satisfy their partner in bed due to their large penis size.

Similarly, a lot of products that are on promotion as penis enlargement supplements and devices also make claims that women prefer a larger penis size. This all adds up and can make a man anxious.

He may measure his own penis and find that he does not even come close to the comparisons made on websites that promote penis enlargement products. This might make the man feel inadequate or find that he is not masculine enough to be good in bed.

Thus, the man may look at ways he can increase his penis size so that he can deliver more intense satisfaction to his partner.


*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

What Options Does Men Have When It Comes To Penis Enlargement?

Men who would like to opt for penis enlargement have a variety of options they can choose from. Each of the options that are available offers a range of benefits. But they also usually come with certain drawbacks that a man needs to consider before opting for such a particular technique.

WebMD[3] explains that a man can usually choose a penis using penis pumps, penis enlargement supplements, penis enlargement exercises, and certain types of surgery if they truly which opt for a technique to help them gain additional size. Let’s discuss each of these particular options separately.

Penis Pumps

Penis Pumps

Penis enlargement pumps, often in the form of a vacuum pump, works by drawing addition blood into the penis in order to make a man’s erection larger.

This technique does have some benefits to offer as people usually experience a slight enhancement in the size of their erection. But the effects tend to last for a short period of time and can lead to tissue damage within the man’s penis.

Penis Enlargement Supplements

These supplements have become extremely popular on the market, claiming to permanently enhance a man’s penis size. Unfortunately, these supplements do not hold long-term benefits and, in most cases, won’t even offer the man short-term results.

In some cases, more blood may be pushed into the penis due to an increase in Nitric Oxide. It causes enhancements in blood circulation, but these effects are also temporary. Also, some of these supplements may contain ingredients that may cause adverse reactions to occur.

Penis Enlargement Exercises

Numerous books and articles have been on offer. Along with a series of exercises that men can perform to help them improve the size of their erections.

Unfortunately, these exercises hold more potential adverse effects than benefits. A lot of these exercises requires the penis to do a lot of stretching, squeezing or perform other actions on the penis. This may, in turn, cause damage to the penile tissue.

Penis Enlargement Surgery

A more professional approach to penis enlargement is to have a surgical procedure to achieve such results. Only a select few are candidates for such a procedure. But it is important that men first consider the pros and cons of such a surgery.

While slight enhancement in penis size may be obtained, penis enlargement surgery holds many risks. Risks and complications of such a procedure include nerve damage and infections.

A lot of men also find it more difficult to gain an erection after opting for a penis enlargement surgery. The sensitivity of the penis may also be reduced through this particular technique.

The Truth About Penis Enlargement: What You Need To Know

The Truth About Penis Enlargement

In the section above, we described some of the most common options that men can choose from when they decide they would like to opt for a penis enhancement treatment. We have discussed different types, as well as considered both the pros and cons attached to each of these options.

Unfortunately, when a man learns the truth about penis enlargement, he may somewhat feel disappointment. Yes, there are many options available that claim to enhance penis size. But in reality, the majority of these options do not produce effective results.

In fact, many of the methods available to men may rather cause harm to the man’s body, including his penis. Instead of helping him increase the actual size of his penis.
When it comes to surgical procedures for men, who are self-conscious about having a small penis. Then yes, there are some techniques that may yield relatively effective results.

The problem with these particular procedures, however, is that they are usually very invasive. Also, takes a considerable amount of time to heal. Also when the surgeon performing the procedure is not experienced enough or highly trained. Then even a small mistake might cause permanent damage to a man’s penis.

Natural Supplements for Penis Enlargement

We should also cover the fact that many natural supplements exist that claim to help men increase their penis size. The fact that supplements utilize natural substances that are usually in use helps men feel safer using them. Especially when compared to the numerous adverse effects often reported; when men take chemical compounds manufactured by pharmaceutical companies.

The truth behind natural penis enlargement supplements, however, is that no.  Even though they are safer than many other options, they will not produce highly effective results.

We should, however, mention that some of these supplements may offer a slight increase in the size of the male user’s erection. But this would only be visible while the man is taking the supplement; due to an increase in the amount of blood that is being pushed into the penis during an erection.

Is Penis Enlargement Really The Most Important Part Of Better Sex?

Penis Most Important Part Of Better Sex

Now that we have discussed all of the most important details regarding penis enlargement. The question that remains is – will penis enlargement truly improve a man’s sex life? Or are there other factors that can be more important than a bigger penis?

The short answer to this popular question would be no. The size of a man’s penis does not count most when it comes to satisfying sexual intercourse.

Medical News Today[4] reports that recent scientific surveys found that as much as 85% of women are actually very satisfied with the size of their man’s penis – on the other hand, almost half of all men think they are not big enough to satisfy their woman.

There may be cases where the man could be too small. But, this only accounts for a man with an erect penis size that is smaller than 3 inches in length.

By looking at these statistics, it becomes clear that men who find they are unable to satisfy their partner during sexual intercourse. Needs a second look at why they may be unable; to deliver that immense level of pleasure their partner desires.

The size of their penis may not be the problem here. But rather the firmness of their erection, the duration of their erection or how long they are able to last; during sexual intercourse without ejaculating or becoming too tired to continue.

Final Verdict: Should You Opt For Penis Enlargement?

Society has put emphasis on the fact that a man has to be “blessed in his pants”; to thoroughly satisfy his partner during sexual intercourse.

With the average penis size being much smaller than most people think; there’s an urge amongst men to constantly reach for methods through which they can enlarge the size of their manhood. In order to comply with these unrealistic expectations placed on men.

The truth, however, may be somewhat hurtful to those men who are looking for effective methods to help them reach a larger penis size. While there are some methods that may have the potential to give them a bigger size. These usually come with complications due to the invasive processes needed to achieve results.

Fortunately for men, it seems like women are not truly as concerned about the size of their penis; as they may think, but rather on the man’s general performance. Which means focusing on improving erectile quality and overall sexual performance instead; may have more benefits for a man when it comes to pleasing their partners in the bedroom.

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