Penis Enlargement – Methods to Increase Penis Size

by Cheryl Powers

There are many products available that promise to deliver penis enlargement. The options for gaining male enhancement include pills and lotions, exercises and pumps and even surgery. These items offer different levels of results. The choice of which option to pursue is up to the male and how drastic the steps are that he wishes to take to see penis enlargement.

Penis Enlargement - Penis Enlargement Options

Pills and topical creams are the most common product available that offers penis enlargement. These are made of different herbs, vitamins, supplements and amino acid that help support and stimulate blood flow in the penis. Some of them even offer the added benefit of support sexual performance or arousal. The current trend in male enhancement features two amino acid, L-Arginine and L-Arginine. L-Arginine plays a large role in cardiovascular health and tissue recovery. This amino acid dilates blood vessels supporting blood flow to the penis while lowers physical fatigue. When the two are put together the production of body support compound is support and therefore the penis is enlarged. Supplements with these amino acid can be found at health food stores and pharmacies.

Vacuum pumps, extenders and exercises are options that can be used for penis enlargement if the supplement-free route is preferred. The vacuum pump is a cylinder that is fitted over the penis. It is either motorized or manually operated to create suction on the penis. This pulls blood into the penis making it appear larger when erect. A compression ring is placed around the base to secure it. The enlargement subsides once the ring is removed. Another way is to stretch the penis by attaching an extender to the organ. The idea is that the extender will lengthen the penis and make it larger. The penis can also be exercised with a hand over hand milking motion called “jelqing.” This is an extended process that is designed to push blood into the penis making it larger. Jelqing does have some risks including pain, scarring and permanent discoloration or disfiguration.

Surgery is a more drastic step toward penis enlargement. The two basic surgeries can either lengthen and/or widen the organ. The surgeries do show results but there are downsides to this option as well. The surgery is rather expensive and is usually not covered by medical insurance. Many people who go through with the surgery are not satisfied and go on to have other operations.