What is the Physiology of Penile Erection?

by Nick Swanson

Millions of men suffer from erection troubles, and millions more find that they’re not totally satisfied with their penis size or with their erections. But before one starts trying to utilize penis enlargement techniques or investigating different options for boosting their erection strength, actually taking a few minutes to understand just how an erection occurs is important. If you don’t know just what’s going on down there, your odds of solving issues could be a bit trickier.

Physiology Of Penile Erection

No matter the penis size, the physiology works the same way. There are two tubular structures known as the corpora cavernosa that stretch across the length of the penis. When a man becomes sexually aroused, these two structures fill with venous blood. Essentially, the brain sends a signal that it is aroused through the nerves in the body, which in turn triggers the engorgement of blood within these cavernous structures. Along with them, the corpus spongiosum which is another tubular structure that actually contains the urethra also becomes slightly engorged, though its engorgement is far less than that of the other structures.

A couple of other basic things occur during an erection as well. The foreskin on uncircumcised men will usually automatically retract. In some rare cases men may have to retract their foreskin manually, but not often. The scrotum could become tighter as well, though this too isn’t always the case. After ejaculation, the erection will gradually end as the blood leaves the corpora cavernosa.

It’s important to note that flaccid penis size doesn’t correspond to the size of an erection. It’s also worth noting that penis size usually becomes permanent some time during adolescence, and that most penis enlargement options don’t really work that well. There are some ways to go about boosting penis size by increasing erection size, however. These steps usually focus on increase the amount of blood in the penis and boosting engorgement.

Things like pressure rings, often called ‘cock rings’, as well as pumps, manual manipulation techniques, and even some medications or supplements could all help engorge the penis with additional blood and lead to an even larger erection. While most studies report varying degrees of success at this, there are some men who report very real results that they are quite satisfied with.

Understanding the basics of penis erection physiology is only the first step towards understanding what you can do if you’re dissatisfied with the size and strength of your erections.